Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eeek! You know it's bad that you haven't updated your blog when your camera is filled pictures from two major holidays, none of which have been uploaded..and another one is just rounding the corner.

Busyness aside (which is excuse that can only go so far), I think I've avoided updating because I'm really not sure what to say...Faith is "good" but not "great."

Faith has had two bronchs since her first utterances of Momma. The Bronch in October did not look so hot, last week's bronch showed improvement. While her breathing is not labored or stridorus, it is still not normal. She's been struggling with a bout of croup for about 6 weeks now which results in long nights of coughing fits.
Other than that we can't complain. Faith doesn't have a hole in her neck, which I suppose is the goal.

We have been advised to keep Faith out of school for the time being. Something I am having a very difficult time coming to terms with. If you could see her face as it lights every time she runs to thw window as she hears the breaks of the garbage truck thinking it's the bus stopping to take her to school it would make you sad. If you could see how over the past month she is not as affected by the noise of the garbage truck's breaks, it would make your heart melt.

Faith's airway is still considered unstable and exposing it to the petri dish that is her school would not be wise. That still does not stop us from taking Faith out and about every chance we get. She frequents libraries, museums, and Cost-co (Ok that last one's for me- is it bad that I know if I have Faith in tow I can get twice
as many samples? Hey, busy moms have to eat!) Joking aside there is not a day goes by that she doesn't sign "friends" which is just heartbreaking.

Faith spends her days with her wonderful nurse (whose been with us for over 2 years! Words cannot express the blessing she has been to to us!) My mom fills in for 1/2 days on Fridays, which of course Faith loves.

Work has been going well. Brian is teaching art at a school in downtown Denver and I am still at Greenwood (NE Denver) teaching as a math interventionist/coordinator for a teacher residency program at our school. I am working four days a week this year which allows me flexibility with Faith's constant doctor appointments and therapies.

Faith's only word is still "momma" but she uses it for everything. I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing that. She is definitely experimenting with her voice and is making up for her lost babbling days from infancy.

And I'm finally able to report that I had my not-so-silent-mothering-moment. Three years ago a friend who's daughter was trached assured me that one day I'd be telling Faith to be quiet (she told me this while shhhing her preschooler in the grocery store.) I can now confidently say that every time we take Faith out in to public she is incredibly, ridiculously, MIRACULOUSLY Loud. And I've bitten my tongue many a times when my first impluse is to "shhh."

I cannot part without posting a pic. So here's one from Halloween. I have to admit that my years of picking Faith's Halloween costumes are officially over. And this year she chose something that we'd certainly never expect, after all this is the girl who loves dogs, alligators and dinosaurs. But she chose something that one would expect from a little girl...

Y'up. A princess. This choice not only signifies the end to my involuntary torture of Faith in subjecting her to my choice of Halloween attire, but assurance to Disney shareholders that the stock is secure as they have nabbed another consumer. It was only a matter of time and while she is still demanding dinosaur rides, it's with a tiara on head and wand in hand. And after all she's been through she can have any kind of ride she wants.

Thanks for checking back, I promise to end my blogging negligence!

Jen & CO.