Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Breaking-into-Spring (the only way we know how)

I had many things to do on my spring break list, one of them being updating this blog. I had a lot to blog about for a change- Faith's new dance class, her attending school, and an exciting new chapter in our lives that is about to unfold. What I didn't want to write about is how Faith is in the hospital battling RSV. But then again, maybe if we weren't held captive (dramatic, I know) within these four familiar walls I'd find another excuse why I can't blog today.

Ok, first the not so fun part- We brought Faith in this past weekend after she couldn't keep her sats up and her oxygen requirements increased significantly. Her lungs sounded horrible and she was working to breathe- all markers pointed to RSV and sure enough it was confirmed. The good news her reconstructed airway seems to be handling this bout of illness fairly well. I have not written about it, but Faith has had a chronic gagging issue since the surgery last fall. It's hard to watch, and I'm sure even harder for her to endure. It just seems as though she cannot clear her secretions very well, and it seems very related to the reconstruction.

On a brighter note, when she's not gagging, Faith is a thriving four year old. She amazes us everyday with what she knows. Her memory and attention to detail is impeccable. Her only audible word is still, "momma" but she's signing like crazy and finds lots of other ways to communicate and "get her point across." The other day she got out a toy that she had played with when she was an infant. Without my prompting she signed, "me, baby, hospital." This was our first inclination that she remembered her first year of life spent in the hospital. A few hours later a commercial came on with a nurse holding a baby. Faith pointed to herself and once again signed, "me, baby, hospital." I asked her if she liked living in the hospital and she signed, "no, home."

In April she will begin Preschool again. For the past two months she's been attending a toddler/baby program at Anchor Center for Blind Children. We've been connected with Anchor Center since first learning about Faith's vision loss. They've done everything from hospital visits to regular monthly therapy visits in our home. We're excited to send her to their preschool program two days a week. When she's not at Anchor she will hop on the yellow bus and go to the school she went last year two days a week.

Faith recently started attending a dance class for kids with special needs. She absolutely loves it. It is by far her favorite part of the week. I am not going to be one of those mothers who only seeks out activites that serve children with special needs, but this class serves her so well. There is no need to apologize for her impulsive behavior and she is encouraged to move and free to express herself how she sees fit. In May she has her first dance recital. The kids are dressing like Jessie from Toy Story and dancing to "You've Got A Friend in Me." Too cute. (If you want to see a news story about the dance class check this out.)

Alright folks, well that's all for now. I've got another, exciting update in the works (with some big news attached). Hmm... way to leave you w/a cliff hanger, eh?

Thanks for checking in!

Jen & CO

*******3/31 Update: Faith is home! Just in time go to Disney on Ice, Princess Classics tomorrow. (Yes, you bet your bottom dollar she's going, "post"-RSV and all) Looks like this family finally caught a break!*******