Wednesday, March 7, 2007

She's doing it!

The NICU is just full of surprises these days!!! Today's surprise was CPAP!!! This machine pushes a continuous flow of air/oxygen to the airways through her nose to help keep the tiny air passages in the lungs open. Because Faith is so tiny it is a challenge to keep the prongs in her nose. When I was there today the prongs kept falling out and she d-sated (meaning her oxygen fell to an unsafe level). She is keeping the doctors very busy as they need to constantly readjust her tubes.

She reached another milestone today when she sucked on a pacifier for the first time! It was amazing to feel her sucking while I held the pacifier to her mouth. In about 4 weeks we will try breast feeding!
It feels like we are turning a corner here- Faith has had some really good days. Please pray that she can stay on CPAP. She needs strength to keep breathing on her own- so every prayer really helps!
Thanks for checking in today!
Brain and Jen :)

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Anonymous said...

I Just noticed this picture and the hand over her...WOW she is tiny! She is a tough one so hang in there!
We love you
Aunt Susan