Sunday, April 8, 2007

Faith's First Easter!

Faith is 9 weeks old today! She had a very "hoppy" Easter- she cuddled next to her many stuffed animal bunnies the Easter bunny brought her. She is on a CPAP of 4! This means she's receiving a very minmal amount of the CPAP- so minimal that they might try to take her off by the end of next week! This next week is a big one for Faith- tomorrow she is receiving her immunizations (which we've been told is very rough on these little ones) and she will have an eye exam later on this week. She is receiving "bolis feeds" meaning her feeds are more concentrated- she used to get fed over four hours now she is getting fed the same amount over 2 hours. This new feeding schedule is to prepare her for more infant like feedings. Please continue keep Faith in your prayers this week- this could be a turning point for her- and one step closer to coming home!!!

Happy Easter!
Brian and Jen :)

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Anonymous said...

Yahooo..what good news on "my baby" I am so glad to hear that this is and WILL be a turning point for Faith...AND YOU GUYS! Remember always have HOPE and always have FAITH! No worries! ;)

Aunt Susan

PS keep on showing them Faith...continue to be the fighter you are!