Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy 12 Weeks Faith!!

Well, one thing we are learning about this girl is that she always changes plans. Early this morning Faith pulled out her ventilator tube (yes, again). Since re-intubating her causes more swelling, they decided to try her in an oxygen hood. This is the equivalent of a nasal cannula. It is like a big plastic bubble that surrounds her head. It provides humidity, which will help her breathe better than just the nasal cannula (as it is very dry here in Colorado). It is apparent that she is having a hard time breathing, which they are treating with nebulizers, etc. We were a little nervous when we saw her off of the vent, but are staying positive. It would be a miracle if Faith could stay off of the vent for good!

The doctors are concerned that Faith is not growing up to par (compared to other babies born at her gestation). She was already a small baby for her gestation when she was born (she was about the size of a 23 weeker) but now she is not keeping up with the "norm" of babies born at her birth weight- they call this the growth curve. It is important that she keep up because of brain development. They have upped the calories in her fortified breast milk to compensate for her slow weight gain.

Well that's it for now- very interesting couple of days! Let's pray that this is a turning point for Faith.
Brian and Jen


Paula said...

God Bless you all. What a wild ride for the 3 of you. Breath deep little one. Lord Jesus, continue to breath life, strength and healing into her. AMEN.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Faith. Hopefully the oxygen hood will give your little lungs and air passages a respite from this too dry, too thin Colorado air so that they may grow healthy and strong, and all those calories which had been used for fighting the inflammation may now help build up your whole body and mind to live a full and blessed life. You're in my prayers often each day, sweetie...and so are you, Brian and Jen. You said it so well, Brian. This is yet another chapter in why she is called Faith...but through it all, we know God is good and greater than all of our struggles, ...Jehovah Rophe (the Lord God our healer) and Jehovah Shammah (the Lord God who is there with us) Keep holding onto Him.

Uncle Paul

Anonymous said...

Remember our JEHOVAH RAFAH (The Lord God our Healer) He will heal Faith. I think that her lungs are trying to get stronger before she can move on and grow bigger ( and she will)! I am glad they are adding more calories to help her weight gain..that will help! The oxygen tent will help her breathing and this way she wont kepe pulling the vent tube out that causes swelling. ( little stinker!)
Y'all are in my prayers daily and throughout this country so KNOW that God knows how very important this child is! We love you all and KNOW you will get through this in HIS TIME! She is a testimony to ALL persons Faith! You will see!
We love you adn I will check in later. Michelle tried to return your call Jen....She will try again tomorrow. She started laughing when you mentioned the "frog" HAHHA! I am glad you can smile.
Smile KNOWING how blessed we are even through through times! We are truely blessed with that little Angel..FAITH! And we are blessed to have such wonderful a loving neice and nephew! ( Brian and Jen)You have always been special to us!

Love you
Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike

Anonymous said...

OOOPS I forgot the kisses and hugs!


Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

We're still praying for you and faith. We love you all and miss you dearly.

--Daniel and Bonnie Westermann

Anonymous said...

We are praying every moment of every day! We are believing together Jen and Brian.. We love you Faith, keep going precious one. We love you very much and you can make it! Be encouraged each day Jen and Brian, she is a miracle and most of all she knows she is loved! All our love,

Katie and John