Monday, June 4, 2007

Happy 4 months Faith!

Not much to report on today. Faith is 120 days (exactly 4 months) old today! Yay Faith! We have been very blessed these past months- we have a beautiful girl who has taught us the meaning on Faith!
Keep on fighting Faith!
Brian and Jen


Tyler and Caleb said...

Jen and Brian,
When Tyler was first diagnosed he was very sick and we didn’t know if he was going to make it. I should have reached out to God that day sitting in the ICU but rather I turned away... Tyler is still with us today, but I never reached back out to God after that.

When I came to visit Faith in the hospital I noticed that you guys had your bible out and I knew it wasn’t for decoration. When I left the hospital I cried. I cried for Faith… I cried for you both… and I cried because I was ashamed. I had turned away from God during a time when I needed Him the most.

After I read Faith’s blog I started to pray again. Faith was my reason to pray everyday… I have started going to church every Sunday and I have reestablished my connection with God.

Your beautiful girl and YOUR incredible faith has taught me the meaning of faith and for that I thank you… I will never be able to repay you for the happiness that has come back into my life because of your Faith ~ all I can do is continue to pray and send lots of love everyday.

Happy 4 months Faith!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know AUNT SUSAN AND UNCLE MIKE are home in TExas after a wonderful trip to our "old home" Florida! I will get on tomorrow when I can read without seeing double from all the driving, though it could be, I am gettin old!
Anyways..I wanted to say I am SO proud of you , Faiht, for showing everyone how strong you are for being so small! You are a GIANT to many!

Also MARNI that wrote above me..CONGRATS!!! God is GREAT! I realized I have nothing to complain about and that life is GOOD! God's plan is always for the good!

Faith is a baby who has and will continue totach people about what TRUE FAITH IS!

HAPPY 4 MONTHS my sweet angel FAITH!

AUnt Susan
xo xo xoxox