Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Phew! This is hard work!

Boy, having a baby with a trach and a g-tube is A LOT of work! First of all there is constant worry- does she have too many secretions that ismaking it difficult for her to breathe? If there a plug blocking her airway? Does she have enough humidity? Too much? Because Faith cannot make noise (except from the gurgling sound that comes from her trach) you always have to have your eye on her (or one eye on her the other on the monitors!) The enemy is a plug. We experienced the VERY bad side of a plug last weekend when it would not pass and she was very close to not coming back. Today she had some little plugs- which scared us a little but it was nothing that saline, suctioning, and increased humidity couldn't fix. The g-tube is another thing. I don't think we realized the complexity of the tube. Because of the tube Faith can't burp- so she burbs out of her button. This means we need to "vent" her stomach using a syringe. needless to say we were dumped with Faith's undigested stomach contents many times today. There is a lot to handle! Fortunately when Faith come home we will have a nurse here most of the week- I never really understood why kids with trachs get home nursing until today- you just can't do it alone! Other than that Faith is doing alright- now it's us you have to pray for! ;) We'll get there- it hasn't even been a week yet so adjusting to this new life is going to take some time.

Thanks for checking in today!

Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am exhausted just reading all guys have alot to keep track of on top of learning how to be new parents!

I was glad to hear a home nurse will be with y'all WHEN she goes home. How long will the home nurse be involved?

How long will the G-tube have to be in her?

Also, I noticed BOTH eyes were towards something...are they sure she is blind in the one eye?

She is looking great! Alert and it even looks like she is cracking a small smile!

You guys will be able to teach parenting 101 and how to care for a preemie 101....I think thats your calling now!

Parenting at times is hard enough but you guys have that and ALOT more. You two are doing awesome and its becuase of Gods love and your love that she has made it through so much!

We love you!
Aunt Susan
PS Faith: you look marvelous darling!

Anonymous said...

You both need to be commended on your patience and efforts. Faith is lucky to have both of you as parents, as many people would have given up long ago.

You both hang in there, and let us know if we can do anything.

Kaia and Grant

Anonymous said...

Awe she has great color and looks good. Prayers continue for this family - I can't get over how positive Jenn and Brian have been. Unreal. Faith is one blessed little girl to have a mommy like this....may she keep remembering it will get easier - just look at the last few months & how far they've come...they are a tough family and Faith will get there - just slowly and one day at a time....

What an ordeal this little girl has been thru - I just can't get over it. She sure is a fighter - she really really is - and my prayers continue for the hospital staff who really seem to have done amazing things.

Thanks for keeping me posted.

(friend of Aunt Susan's in Arizona)

Anonymous said...

Just HAD to go back and look at these cute pictures of "our" baby! She looks so pretty and is developing her own personality. She looks alot like Brian but alot of Jen as well. PERFECT!

I will check tomorrow if there is anything more.

I just wanted to tell you we love you guys!

I just looked at your wedding pictures with Uncle MIke walking you down the aisle and what a perfect day that was! It feels like it was yesterday!
Now look at you both.....PARENTS!

You guys are awesome..Keep the great attitude even though I KNOW it is hard!

God has a purpose and what a beautiful purpose it will be! ;)

Love to you three..AND THE HOSPITAL STAFF!!

Aunt Susan in Texas!

Anonymous said...

oh gees.
I don't know if you drink now that you are allowed to (I think, but I don't know much about breast feeding). But, I am going to take you out. And I know we have talked about it before and it didn't happen, but it really really needs to happen.
I think if Jesus were here he would buy you a drink (or make you one).
I guess we could do coffee or tea as a substitute.

Talk to you soon,

Kristie said...

She looks great!

Paula said...

I have been away from my computer and had to catch up on all the news. Well I'm always amazed at what your family has gone through. My prayers for peace and healing continue to be with all of you and Faith's forward progress.

Anonymous said...

I am assuming no news is good news and you guys are leanring DAILY all the things you need to learn about caring for Faith.

Just wanted to check in!

Always praying for you and we love you all,
Aunt Susan