Sunday, July 29, 2007

A REAL 25 weeker!

Above: Faith had her car seat trial today. Before leaving the NICU babies have to sit in their car seats for 90 minutes without having major issues. Despite her content look in the picture Faith isn't very fond of car seats (we'll see if she changes her mind tomorrow when she learns that they can take you places!) Below; Faith sleeps away from the NICU!

Below: This is our home set up. All of the equipment you see is the equipment Faith will use at home. We are learning to adjust to this equipment. The humidity/oxygen compressor is the loudest thing we have ever heard- it sounds like an idling motorcycle...oh and don't get us started on the suction machine- that's even louder!(Trust us, once you come to visit Faith you will know what we mean!)

Today marks Faith's 25th week of life. She has been in the NICU for as long as she was in the womb. And we are thrilled to announce that she will spend the rest of her weeks at home! Tomorrow morning we will find out if Faith can come home that day or if we need to wait a few more days. In a way, the suspense is exciting- not knowing is a little fun! If Faith does not end up coming home tomorrow it is no biggie- we still have a lot to do to get ready for her. We had a very busy weekend. Last night we "roomed in" meaning we stayed in a separate room away from the unit with just us and Faith! The night took on special significance; The NICU is in the middle of the mother baby floor. For six months we have watched happy moms and dads wheel their babies down the halls to their rooms (which are really nice we might add!) We often look into these rooms and see the new families sleeping next to their babies. We never had this experience. When we had Faith we had to stay on a different floor (that was no set up for moms who just had babies) and of course did not get to sleep next to our little girl. Last night we got a private room in the mom baby section, and yes we got the wheel Faith down the hall into our room!!!!!! It was really special. When we put her in her crib we both said, "she looks like a baby!" Like any new parents with a baby our night was sleepless. Faith's monitors go off a lot and she needs to be suctioned at least once every half hour. Nevertheless we wouldn' t trade our night (and nights to come) with Faith for the world. Tomorrow just might be another significant day. February 8th was one of the worst days of our life. It was the day we left the hospital without our baby. We came home to an empty house. We felt empty. Everyday we walk into the hospital we seem to walk in just as a new mom and her baby are escorted out to their car to go home. T0morrow, maybe tomorrow it will be our turn.

Now THIS is a big week (the BIGGEST and THE BEST!)

Brian and Jen :)


Anonymous said...

God she is JUST beautiful! What an exciting time for y'all! YOu are correct if nto tomorrow , we NOW know it will be VERY VERY soon!

I loved the picture of her in her car seat..if it makes you feel any better, her cousin Michelle, HATED the car seat. Get laods of disney music or soft sing alongs..they love them.

It sounds as if you wont get a whole lot of sleep at home. Does the home nurse help otu int he middle of night for you so you can get some sleep? I am such a lite sleeper, I would go crazy with all the noises.

But even with not alot of sleep..SHE WILL BE HOME!!!!

25 weeks...WOW...crazy isnt it! It soudns like the rooming in was SO very special for y'all. Being able to "show" your baby off walkng that hallway..I bet you were smiling ear to ear!

What a ride y'all have had so far ...with so much more to come. Itis just a different chapter, right! ;)

I will mail your things off tomorrow ok..I keep adding things. ( WELLLLLL I cant help myself!)

Feb 8th was a very sad and heartbreaking day THOUGH it was a day to celebrate a new life that God has entrusted you with..FAITH!

Sheis such a wonderful gift from God that has shown ALL of us just how precious life is! Faith has shown many people that the glass is half full not half empty and that everyday is worth fighting for even though that sweet angel was exhausted..she NEVER gave up nor did you guys!

We are SO SO very proud of you adn celebrate with you this joyful time!

God bless you and May HE continue to watch over Faith as she comes home!

May God give you twot he wisdoma dn strength you need daily and nightly!

I love you
Aunt Susan

Kristie said...

This is the best news ever!! I am so happy for you all.

Anonymous said...

Brian and Jen,

We can sympathize with all of those feelings. We too felt a little robbed of those special moments, and it was always difficult to see full term babies going home with no difficulties. It is like the parents have no idea how lucky they are.

Yet, our experience with Lauren has taught us to appreciate all of the small things in life, and to cherish every little smile, breath, and coo...I think we feel like more complete parents, and we certainly are better parents to our older son. Life is so precious that it is difficult to take anything for granted after such an experience.

We are very happy that you will soon shed this part of the journey, and walk through a new door with its own challenges and rewards. More importantly, you know, like we do, that we have so much to be thankful for.

We wish you all well, and can't wait to see and hear how Faith thrives at home.

Hang in there,

Grant and Kaia

Tyler and Caleb said...

Hey guys ~ What an exciting week! Buffalo and Elway will finally get to meet their Lil Sis & your whole family will finally be together :o) I am so happy for you all and I look forward to more pictures of Faith's beautiful little face!
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story and what a beautiful baby! Obviously, this is one little gal that God wanted to live here on earth. He must have some VERY SPECIAL plans for her. Thanks so much for sharing,
( A friend of Susan's for YEARS!)

Anonymous said...

Oh she is so super cute in that car seat. Too funny - yes, until she knows it'll take her places she may not like it - I had to laugh at that - she'll wanna "go places" all the time I am sure. haha

WOW! So much ahead of this young family. Faith looks great though. We continue to pray for them all.


Anonymous said...

Reading that just about made me cry! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!! Many prayers that Faith gets to come home SOON!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful baby!!!
( a Friend of your Aunt Susan)