Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Waiting Game

Here's looking at you babe! (alright..I know we are cheesy...we are running on no sleep so we have an excuse!) Faith is vert attracted to light (this is why it she always looks at the camera).
Look at me! I am starting to hold my pacifier in my mouth all by myself! I am doing more big girl things everyday!

The posts are going to be pretty boring now (which maybe is a good thing- Faith has been a little too exciting lately) because we are just waiting. Waiting for nursing, waiting for Faith to ween a little on her vent settings, just waiting. Meanwhile waiting is not so bad because Faith seems to be taking off developmentally. We've noticed a big change in her this week. She is looking at things (YES, IT's TRUE!!!) Making occasional eye contact (EVEN BETTER!) and reacting positively to her environment (toys, sounds, play etc.) She has even started bringing her hands to her face! We still can't pick up a child development book because it makes us sick (we bought lots of them when during the pregnancy) , but Faith is proving that she is developing on her timeline which makes every little eye contact, every little reaction a priceless gift.
Well, tomorrow marks Faith's 200th day in the hospital. Never did we think when we were celebrating her 100th day we'd still be here (although it is a different "here") but nevertheless by the Grace of God we keep cruising along!
Thanks so much for your prayers, and support (and yes, please send out prayers for those nurses!)
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

Go Faith Go! She is doing amazing! She is really making incredible strides and she is so incredibly beautiful! wow.. We will keep praying for those nurses and we are praying for you guys! We love you and keep going.. this season will change soon and you will be on your way home soon enough. LOVE YOU!!

Keep going FAITH!

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

First off NONE of your entries are boring. I just goo and gaaaa at all the pictures! I get emails daily asking about everyones little girl! :)

She is sure making HUGE strides though you may feel she isnt because you live it daily BUT she is!

She will be home very will see....

You now ned 200 day glasses. I thought that was so darn cute. She LOOKS good guys!

I have always said God has Faith doing things in the time she should. Not rushed just perfected in His eyes! ;)

We love you and keep the info and pictured coming..I LOVE EM'!

We love you,
Aunt Susan , Uncle Mike , Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates on Baby Faith -- keep them coming!
The photos show she is developing, and looking less like startled, more curious. Oh Faith, there's such a big world for you to discover outside hospital!
We pray for you, and your nurses and doctors and everyone who has helped you along the way.
stay cute,
love, Hadi and Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Just checking my girl AND see how Jen is doing? DId she have the gall bladder surgery? Brian how ARE YOU! You all have been amazing thats for sure!

Anyways, just wanted to send some love your way!
Aunt Susan

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