Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another kind of Birthday...

Today marks Faith 6 month "adjusted" Birthday. As you know we not only mark her monthly birthdays but the months from her due date. Today’s hit us a little differently. We found ourselves wondering what life would be like if Faith were born on May 15th. What would it like to just put a baby in a car seat and go to the grocery store? What would it be like to dress our baby without unhooking monitors and threading her clothes through tubes and wires? The other day Brian commented, "I don’t even know what it is like to pick up a baby that doesn’t have tubes and isn’t attached to the wall." Then I got sad thinking about what Faith’s life might be like... would she be starting to crawl? Would she be eating solid foods? Would she still startle the way she does when someone approaches her? Would she be able to see? Then it was if God gave us a big hug and reminded us....If Faith was born 6 months ago would we have the same appreciation for life that we do now? Would we value every breath, every smile the same as we do? Would we know the same wonderful people we have met along this way (nurses, doctors, other families who have gone through similar situations, families who haven’t but have still have reached out to us...) then I was reminded of all you.... Would you know of Faith? (Would that even have been her name....?) There would be no blog...she would just be another birth announcement on your refrigerator...but instead our little girl has touched many lives...people we don’t even know check this blog daily and tell us how she has touched their hearts. This means the world to us. This makes what we are going through seem worth it. Someday Faith will have an amazing story to tell..wait not only someday she is telling it now!!!!

Alright well enough with the sappy stuff...sorry these blogs have gotten a little deep lately! Here’s a quick update on Faith. Wouldn’t you know it she is sick again! They weren’t kidding when they told us living in the hospital can be germy! She has staph growing in her trach (in addition to the MRSA) and some other yet to be identified bacteria that is being treated with antibiotics. She also has a viral infection. The good news she is already on a ventilator (usually with preemies when they get sick that is the ultimate fear and Faith is already on one so it’s no biggie) and she is in the hospital. So as usually she’s just got to ride this bug out. She is holding steady at 14 pounds (she lost quite a but of weight with that GI bug) and still all smiles, despite feeling pretty crummy! She’s sure a trooper!
Alright well thanks for checking in!Brian and Jen :)


Anonymous said...

We have all been told we can "What If" for days but we know God has a purpose for EVERYTHING, even when we arent quite sure , "WHY".

Your attitudes through all this have been so wonderful and so amazing. You had very good questions and ones that will make people think. You have always seemed to have such a positive outlook on inspiring for others who complain about the littlest things.

Faith is known across this country and there isnt a day that goes by I dont get an email asking about her!

Faith will do all those things you mentioned, in time. Faith has touched so many people and her story began the DAY she was born and will continue for her lifetime! And your stiry the same. You will be able to help others going through this.

I am sorry to hear she has the bug. I am sorry her little tumbly is rumbling!

Give her a hug and kiss for us and tell her Aunt and Uncle and Cousins in Texas LOVE AND ADORE HER!!

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle (she is heading to New York tomorrow)

Anonymous said...

I am still praying for Faith and for both you and Brian. I also thank God for bringing her into your lives so I could get to know her.

( your Aunt Susans Friend)

Anonymous said...

You are so right in your email, Faith is already reaching nations.. she is a gift and it is truly amazing how you can treasure every step of life that she is going through.. you treasure every breath she takes and every moment she is here with you~ She is so precious and know that we love you very much!

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

Jen and Brian:
I wanted to share an email I received today froma gal who felt alone when her (at that time) fiance' was heading to the war and I was doing my website and she wrote asking questions and wanting support.... that was 5 years ago. She and I still write each other and she is married now with two children.
BUT she wrote this to me tonight and I felt I shoudl share it with you!
Amen! As I sit holding baby Noah (14.5 lbs now at 3 months of age)....Jen's blog really hit home. I can imagine now in real time what size Faith is at 6 months of age. As I sat complaining the last few days on how much I needed a break and darn it my daughter, 21 months old is sick w/ a cold again....caught at school/daycare I was humbled tonight - thinking about how often Jen and Brian have had to endure watching Faith be sick again with some unknown virus or all the nights they are awake watching to make sure she is breathing - and remind you - they must work full time too - nice.....and here I complain again that I am now back at work and having to load 8 bags into the car (lunches, back packs, my lap top, purse, etc) and two kids each much I take for granted that they've never gotten to take her home or in a car seat (well yes they did once but how frightening it was when she turned blue and was sent back into the hospital - only a different one this time). Yes, Faith has touched our lives....Gabbie and I pray for her each night in our prayers before bed - someday she'll be able to ask me "who is Baby Faith" hah - and I will be anxious to share the story with her and why she is in our prayers always. I am beyond amazed at the depth of "faith" Jen and Brian have and how ultimately they remain positive each and every day. Throughout their blogs no matter how bad things get (and my gosh they sure have been unreal the things they've gone thru) they always spin it in such a positive light - I can honestly say I could never ever do the same.....kudos to them.
Their whole family is an inspiration......and who would have thought that your web site 5 years ago would lead me to know you, your family and now Faith thru email. Hah (and we've never met).
I hope this turkey day finds you and your family well and sharing many blessings.

Anonymous said...

I know people here in Miami asked about her and we continue to keep her in our prayers. Everytime I see a newborn and mom riding our of the hospital in a wheelchair- I think about you guys. One days that will be you -for good. You will be one of the outpatient families who just go for doctor visits like the other people. You are still in the fire, but that is where we are molded into the "art" God needs to show His presence on this earth. Thanks for sharing Faith's and your own life story with us.---Libby

Anonymous said...

Just checking on our baby!

HOw is she feeling today? I hope better!

Give her a kiss from Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike