Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Faith's First Halloween

In the NICU when tiny babies are too fragile to hold the way new parents would typically hold a newborn, "Kangaroo care" begins. As you may remember from the early pictures of Faith and us, by kangarooing her we would hold her skin to skin on our chest- her entire body fit in one hand! The benefits of this type of holding are very clear- babies who are kangarooed tend to do better then those who are not. Of course we held Faith this was every chance we got. So when it came time to pick her first Halloween costume it was a given: Faith was a kangaroo herself. :) Her feeding pump is also called a "kangaroo pump" so it was just all too perfect.
Faith wasn't too happy on Halloween (she was still getting over her stomach bug) in fact she hated her kangaroo costume (wouldn't you if you had all of those tubes and wires and had to be stuffed in that thing?) so we settled on letting her chill in her pumpkin outfit. :)

"Would you please take me out of this thing?"


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Those are so CUTE! Steve was a "bear" back in the day and he hated it to and he didnt have all the tubes! Ha-Ha

She looks SO good..please mail me a hard copy of a pic to put on my fridge!

Thanks for the updates and pictures!! I just awe and oooo over them!

Love to you three:

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike , Steve and Michelle

PS Jen: Michelle has a new beau so IF you have time call her and give her the BEST advise you can... she will listen to you MUCH better than her old lady! THANK. 210-410-7554 her cell

daryl & sara said...

She is soooooo precious! How adorable!

Anonymous said...

Faith looks great! We all depend on each other for care like kangaroos. Good to see pictures of her progress. We still keep you in our prayers and hope for the best. Love, your Miami family

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she is so CUTE!! She is adorable! We love you guys!

Katie and John