Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Faith!

M'MMM..Cake? No way says Faith but it is sure fun to play with!
Let's see what daddy got me this time!

My room all decked out for my big day!

As you all know Faith is all about proving people wrong and today that is exactly what she did. To our surprise she met the goal: Faith can now sit up independently!!!! It's amazing! It's like it just clicked for her and it happened to be today! Yes she still falls down (she is learning that hitting your head happens....) she can sit for up to 3 minutes all by herself and we are calling that a HUUUUUGE success. This is a huge milestone not only for a baby whose spent an entire year in the hospital but considering she is only 8 1/2 months adjusted this is a victory. So you go Faith! Keep proving us wrong!!!
Faith had a wonderful birthday- she was a star today. She knows she's a big girl now and apparently she thinks big girls don't need naps! For the past week during her very routine afternoon nap she just lays there giggling and smiling- the little stinker! Coming from a baby who spent most of the day asleep about a month ago even this weird no napping stage is a normal parenting quirk that we are embracing!
Thanks for all of your warm wishes on Faith's special day!Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

Hey my sweet sweet angel!

Michelle and I are home now. We hurried to read the blog only to find us in tears MISSING you so very much its hard to explain! =(

When I first held you in my arms I KNEW that instant love (though I LOVED you BEFORE you were born and we waited for you to arrive)I felt a connection with you spiritually and in every other way you could feel connected to someone!

When I left, I felt I left a little part of my heart in your room so when that Doc comes around to get blood from you or poke you ..remind him about Aunt Susan and that I am only a plane ride or phoine call away!!

Brian and Jen, though we didnt have alot of one on one, that will be something to look forward to NEXT time we come out. THANK YOU for doing such an awesome job with "my baby" She is SO blessed as we all are to have you in our lives! She is SUCH a happy baby!

I ALREADY miss you terrbly..ALL OF YOU! UGH! I am such a emotional person!

And all that read the blog it was wonderful meeting you and please hug Faith for me from her Aunt Susan if and when you go and visit!

I am going to bed and wanted to say goodnight my sweet Faith! I LOVE and ADORE you so very much that words cant describe it! My heart is so FULL!

Sweet dreams!

Aunt Susan and Michelle

PS I will email some pics if the disc didnt work or you dont have time to look at or get them off there.

Anonymous said...



Aunt Susan and Michelle

Paula said...

When I clicked on the blog today and saw her SITTING UP I had to look carefully to see if someone was helping her... How wonderful and amazing that little girl is!! She truely blesses us everyday with her suprises and accomplishments.
What a nice party she had. The love in the room was palpable. Faith is so adorable and madly in love with her parents. What a beautiful sight.

Jacqueline said...

Happy Birthday Faith!! I can't believe it has been a year already! Thats so amazing how she is sitting already! Congrats faith!

Anonymous said...

I was so thrilled to be apart of her sitting up! Tell my baby thanks for the present! =)

I am missing on her terribly. I knew leaving her would be hard but I didn’t realize how hard!

Next time..I want you two to go out and enjoy yourselves and let me be with Faith.

I explained to Mike that the feeling I had when holding her and seeing was so FULL! She is such a happy baby! =) That is because of you two!

Michelle is having a hard time today missing on Faith..she already wants to go back! I thinking the summer or spring I will send her again. She can spend more time with you two. I know y'all wanted that to but not enough hours in the day this trip , was it! =(

Well my sweet Faith..I know you are probably eating right now and then nap time..its about 11:35am YOUR sweet dreams and many sugar plums dancing in your head!

WE LOVE AND ADORE YOU! Keep practicing the sitting up and rolling to your OTHER side!

I KNOW you can do it!

All our love,

Aunt Susan and Michelle AND Uncle Mike and Steve!
XO XO XO (must not forget the X's and O's)

Anonymous said...

Sweet dreams gorgeous..Aunt Susan LOVES you!


Anonymous said...

That is just too cool that she would sit up on her BIRTHDAY! That's just the icing on the cake of her being her for one wonderful year.

Thanks for having us on her big day! It was great to see all 3 of you.

--Amy Van Vranken

Anonymous said...

YAY FAITH YOU DID IT SWEETIE!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Oh Jen and Brian this is so amazing! She is doing such an amazing job and she is proving the world wrong.. well the always say, "Every child comes in their own time and when they are ready! We love you!! WAHOOO!! Prayers answered once again!! God is so good all the time! We will call you when we return home from Chicago.

All our Love an never ending prayer,

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

AHHHH, what an amazing and beautiful family!
I am so happy you had a great day celebrating and feeling loved by so many!
I also wanted to tell you, I talked to my cousin today (that you met at Children's Hospital) and Ayla is doing great and he told me to tell you that they think of your family often and they are still praying for you all!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Ah! I knew something looked different about that first picture... at first i thought she got a haircut or something :)

I´m glad that its is a good start to her second year of life.


Anonymous said...

Hey my sweet girl!

How is the sitting up coming along? You were doing so well when I left from visiting you!

You need me just have your parents or grandma call me ok!

Just wanted to tell you we love you!
Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Michelle and Steve