Thursday, April 17, 2008

Elway and Me

Ahh too many lickies!!!! Can't I getting a momment without tongues around here?
Ok wait...hold the tongue and I'll touch....
Above: Aww he's alright! Below: Snuggling after bath time.
Blogging sure is fun now! There's is lots of happy news to report. It's been a week and Faith is doing fabulous. While at the hospital everyone always told us how kids always do better at home. We were not so convinced. In the past Home + Faith = Disaster. Now.....we see what they were talking about. In the last seven days Faith has blossomed. She is almost an entirely different baby. She is reaching to touch things, she stretches her arms out to be picked up, she squiggles around the couch (we say squiggles because that's what she does she moves her booty around to adjust herself...she wants to crawl but doesn't know how....) she even tolerates putting her in the 4 point position (for crawling) more than she did a week ago. Now we are seeing progress. Now we are seeing that Faith is going to move mountains! She just needed to be set free!!! She is truly like a Caterpillar who waited for spring to get her wings and fly. :)
Thanks for sharing this joy with us!
Brian, Jen, + The Little Butterfly, Faith


Kristie said...

I am so glad she is doing so well!

Anonymous said...

I just love hearimg and looking at the pictures of you all together in your own home. She will undoubtly have her "bad" /sick days-just like all babies do-but oh how sweet it is to see her now!
Love, your Miami family- Love the Stones (Robert, Libby, Jessie, Mary and Beth)

Anonymous said...

It makes me smile so much to see her so happy and hear how much she is blossoming! I look forward to reading about how she is doing every day when I get home! She is reaching for you, and trying to crawl and wow.... she is doing absolutely amazing! She is going to be great! I am so overjoyed to see you being able to be a full time mommy and Brian a full time daddy!

Love you !


Anonymous said...

She is so cute! Look at Elway how he cares for her. Dogs know thats for sure! I cant wait to read the email she is crawling all over...and SHE WILL BE!

Faith has shown so many that even against all odds...she comes shining through through so much!

Give my baby a hug and LOADS of kisse..I MISS HER SO MUCH..and of course you two !!=)

AUnt Susan, Uncle MIke, Steve and MIChelle

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