Saturday, April 5, 2008

Within the next week we are going to have a baby. We don't know the exact date but the doctors have told us it is going to happen sometime next week. Our nerves our fried, our excitement is heightened. We've been doing all the typical things that expecting parents do. We've been putting together cribs, highchairs and organizing toys. We've been washing baby bottles and rearranging furniture to make room for the little one. As we sleep in our beds with each night that goes by we know that nights will no longer be the same in our empty house, which is a good thing. The boys know, the have been sniffing everything we bring through the door. They know a baby is about to be brought home.
All of this is true expect for a few things.....our baby is 14 months old and instead of putting together a crib we are dusting it off. Everything that has sat stagnate in her room anxiously waiting for a place and a purpose has been cleaned. Instead of washing bottles that she will use to take her first meals we are washing them to be used with her feeding pump. We are rearranging furniture to make room for her ventilator and oxygen tanks. Everything we are going through this week is a lot like what parents go through when they are expecting a baby, in a way we are pretending like we are, we are starting over, beginning anew. But then again it's not the same, it is different, much different. SO to answer all of your questions we do not know the exact day Faith is coming home next week but the important thing is she is coming. No need for Lamaze or a to-go bag for the hospital, just a deep breath and finally.......maybe finally an exhale.


Dumuro said...

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Kristie said...

I am so excited for you :)

Anonymous said...

We are so thrilled for your family!!! A fresh start, a new beginning. Congratulations on bringing Faith home soon!

Anonymous said...

How exciting ! We knew this day would come and we could not be more thirlled for y'all! I wish I was there with you for such a joyful day! COngrats all over again for another page in lives and in a beautiful story! =)

We love you
Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

How exciting for them! I'm sure their emotions are on a roller coaster right now. I continue to lift Faith up along with her parents that God will be with them through everything and continue to give them strength and comfort.

Proud Military Mom

Anonymous said...

Praise God...Faith will be home soon wher she belongs. I love you guys and are always in our thoughts and Prayers. Call if you guys need anything.

Derrick, Charlene -N- Rylie

Kiss Faith for us.

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