Friday, May 2, 2008

Faith may be a Rockies fan but she's a Yankee at heart (that and she loves playing with daddy's hat!) This is a huge milestone- a month ago she'd freak if you'd put something on her head (yes, even those pictures of her with her sun hat on were very well planned- she'd usually rip it off the second after we'd take a picture.) Anyhow.... Faith has come along way!!! Our days are pretty busy- between the equipment company people, physical and occupational therapists, and the nurses it seems like people are always coming and going. This makes Faith feel right at home (she's used to a lot going on around her)
If one things for sure the dog's life have sure been upgraded!!!! (We've also learned what poor dog trainers we've been- the dog whisperer would be appalled at what goes on in our house. (Let's just say there aren't many boundaries..yes we know we need to work on this before Faith turns 3.....or else she'll be walking all over us too!)Nevertheless we are one big happy family.
Thanks for checking in,
Brian, Jen, and Faith (and Buffalo and Elway too....)


Anonymous said...

GOOD GIRL...GO YANKEES! YOur AUntie here was born in MAine so gotta love those YANKEES!!!

You look incrediable and gorgeous as usual! Your glasses are very stylish I might say and you look so cute!

Just stopped by to say hello and send soem pics to other people who LOVE and ADORE you like I do! =)

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and Chelle

Ann said...

Faith looks wonderful! I'm glad she is doing well and thriving at home. Way to go Faith (and Mommy & Daddy too).

(Jack's mom)

Anonymous said...

Faith is such a cute baby. I just love her little smiling face. I am glad to hear Faith is doing so well.Keep up the good work little one! Love Beth

Anonymous said...

She is getting so big and sooooooo cute!


Proud Military Mom

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