Saturday, June 7, 2008

Am I cool or what?

She sure is growing up isn't she? Faith got her first set of wheels this week- her first taste of independence. If you look at the first picture what may seem like a little detail to some is huge for us- look at her feet. First of all Faith has just got to the point where she puts her feet on the ground and bears some weight. A lot of this has to do with her sensory issues and texture- but notice how her feet are flat on the mat. I don't even like to way those types of mats feel on bare feet and neither did Faith- until today she tolerated it! Her physcial therpaist has commented on how she has "funky feet" meaning they turn out (kinda bow legged) when they are on the ground. However in this picture she has them flat, and turned perfectly. So once again Faith says, "You can't label me!"
We are settling into the routines of summer. Yes, we know we have it good. I (Jen) am going to teach Summer school until July 3rd while Brian makes some much needed repairs on the house (and paints it!!!) Summer came at a perfect time as we are still having some nursing problems. Basically we only have one nurse right now- which is ok because one of us is always home now. Even though I am teaching a little this summer in many ways it feels like our first summer as a family. It's hard to believe last year we were going back and forth to the NICU- right about now debating whether or not we were going to do the trach/g-tube surgeries. A year ago every blog there was a report on the lastest crisis- now we have to come up with stuff to blog about!
Amazing how time flies, amazing how far our little girl has come (and us as parents as well!)

Hopefully those of you who have subscribed are receiving updates via e-mail- if not our apologies we are still trying to figure all of this high tech blogging out!


Ann said...

Faith ... you are the COOLEST!

Aunt Susan , Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle said...

How cool does she look! Probably takes afer her Aunt Susan! =)


Miss you sweet baby!
Aunt Susan