Sunday, June 1, 2008

On a Lighter Note

Pics from the week:
Look at that sassy smile! The fact that Faith is outside and her eyes aren't shut is amazing. We have found that mid-morning there is nice shade on the deck- perfect for Faith! We've also figured away to just roll the vent next the the sliding glass door and voila; instant access to the outside world!
Below: Faith helps mommy make banana bread (she despises her high chair!)

Above: Faith's hospital head is almost gone!!! She was pretty bald in the back for a while- she still has preemie pancake head but her hair is filling out nicely.Above: 'Atta girl Faith- quite the model she knows how to perfectly cover up those "not to be seen on the Internet" parts while showing off her birthday suit.
Exercise time! Gotta love those toes!


Anonymous said...

Its good to see Faith doing so well! Miss you guys.

RT ;)

Anonymous said...

How precious! She is SO happy! Good job!

I think it is time for Aunt Susan and Cousin Michelle to go shopping for ya! =)

We will be heading to the beach for about 12 days ( jun 19 - jul 1)so NOT sure if I can blog ya while I am gone but I will try my darndest! LOVE YOU LOTS!

With love,
Aunt Susan and gang

Anonymous said...

It apparently has been WAY too long since I have checked in with your blog !!

Faith is absolutely amazing looking ! I can't get over how grown up she looks ! You guys are doing wonderful with that girl.

(Shylent from Trachboards)