Thursday, July 3, 2008

My newly found blogger friends have inspired me to try to figure out how to put videos of Faith on here- I can't seem to figure how to do it on the camcorder but using our digital camera I can do it. Sorry about the sound, but it's kind of fitting because Faith doesn't make noise anyway! Here's one I like to call giggles and grins:

This one is amazing to me because Faith is so "aware" of Elway- while she is a little overwhelmed by him in this video she follows him with her eyes. Whenever I cook I bring Faith in the kitchen and she ride on her Dora tractor- the whole time she is so interested in the dogs. Their water dish is right by her, which she thinks is really cool. What's also amazing about this video is how Faith rotates her trunk. This has been a huge PT goal for her- which she is beginning to master!

Faith is in the "dumping' stage. Very age appropriate we might add! :)


Marissa said...

Hooray!! Love the videos! Marissa laughed really hard at the one of Faith playing with the ball popper.
Hope to see you all soon.

The Cortez Clan

Anonymous said...

How cool is this! I cant wait until you get sound even though she desont make any I can only imagine those HAPPY LOUD CUTE giggles! You can tell from the smile on her face how HAPPY and content she is!


We love and mis syou
Aunt Susan,Mike,Steve(at bootcamp) and Michelle