Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today we went on Faith's first field trip! Yes, it's hard work getting out and about but we want Faith to experience all of the things other kids get to- so off we went! We thought the butterfly pavilion would be a great first trip since Faith is the butterfly girl herself. She did Wonderful. It was really encouraging! She didn't "shut down" until we got outside and it was really bright. Her eyes still have a difficult time adjusting to light.

We hope you enjoy the photos! And a BIG thank you the Faith's primary nurses at Children's who gave us a gift card to the pavilion along with other "butterfly" goodies when we left the hospital (including the butterfly shirt Faith is wearing in the pics!)

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Anonymous said...

You and Faith and Brian are all looking real good! I wish I looked like that when I didn't sleep.
Gonna talk to you real soon,