Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Free at last!

As if we didn't have enough pictures of Faith in the hospital....
Can we say Deja'vu?- "Wait a minute....this is all a little too familiar..."

Oh I know this place! Ok now I am feeling right at home!

Just wanted to give you a quick update that we are home from the hospital! Between not sleeping, work, and getting all of Faith's new orders straightened out for our nursing agency, finding time to blog has been at the bottom of a long list of things to do this week.

Thanksgiving break (which starts today at 3:05...and no I'm not counting... ;) ) couldn't have come at a better time. We'll spend tomorrow looking for a new car....sounds like fun but I think I'd rather listen to nails sliding down a chalkboard all day (don't quote me on that though....). After 5 years of good up keep and responsible stewardship (whatever that means) we paid off our "family car" this summer. Only to have it totaled in a car accident (that was not my fault) a few weeks ago.

OK well enough of our drama....Faith is doing good. She's pretty much back to her little spunky self. If only we were that resilient!

If I don't post until then, have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving everyone!

Brian and Jen :)


Marissa said...

Faith, you look darn good for a sick chick! So glad you are home where you belong.

Jen, I'l be watching my mailbox for my COTY award plaque. ;) Make sure you spell my name right!!

Good luck car shopping and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love you


Anonymous said...

Faith you silly girl!

You look godo girlfriend! QUIT messing your parents like that or Aunt Susan will have to come back out there and love on ya like crazy!

Have a great time car shopping. I hope you are doing better Jen?

Mike sends his love from Iraq! When/IF you get a breath please send him a card with some pics of Faith. He cant get alot on the email..THANKS!

Love to you all,
Aunt Susan, Mike ( in Iraq) Steve (on his way to Californina where Aunt Susan is) Michelle in Caly