Friday, November 14, 2008

Keeping us on our toes... I've fallen off the blog-o-sphere and I've been putting off getting back on. Truth be told I am too exhausted to write any letters and have been trying to find away to update all of YOU without coming across passive aggressive (if that makes sense).

Faith is now a full time job x's 2. Like a typical toddler, she is constantly on the move. However, unlike a typical toddler she is attached to a machine that leaves her with a 6 foot radius to travel.
The result? Beep...beep....beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
Boy, I wish we had hardwood floors! We are constantly chasing her around our small, crowded living room. Sometimes I ignore the beeps. A few days ago I was washing dishes and heard her disconnect. Since she is not entirely dependant on the vent I quickly washed the last dish and went to reconnect her. To my surprise she was inches away from the stairs leading down to the basement. Yesterday, I put her in front of the TV and ran downstairs to the basement to switch over the laundry. I was gone for maybe 60 seconds- I came up the stairs and guess who greeted me at the top? Y'up...can you say baby gate? I will admit our house is far from baby proofed- up until now we haven't had to.

I will never complain that all my time is now spent chasing Faith around. Her mobility is a gift. If you ever do hear me complain please remind me of this! So if you don't hear from me for a while you will know what I am doing. ;)

So off to Target I must go to stock up on all the baby safety items I thought we'd never need. Retail therapy is what we call it in our family...usually it comes in the form of a new pair of shoes or handbag...tonight it's a baby gate and an outlet protector that make a pair of Manolo's look like flip flops from Wal-Mart. ;)

Thanks for being patient with us!

Jen & Brian

PS: Yes, many of you noticed that Faith is sometimes ventless. She can come off of the vent for about an hour each day. You better bet we make this time count. When she is off we are outside, upstairs, and in all the parts of the house she cannot normally go. While it is WORLDS away from the ventilator she is still attached to oxygen tubing (something she will need far beyond when the vent is gone). As you can imagine she gets quite a work out being vent-free. You can tell she "works" to breathe and her lungs sound pretty wheezy.
PSS: To my fam. and friends: Although I am posting this now I wrote this Friday morning (pre-accident) so don't worry, I wasn't running around to Target this weekend. ;)


Marissa said...

Hey friend!

Glad to hear you are back on the blog-o-sphere! Believe me, being too tired for any reason (and you have many!!) is definitely a reason to fall off.

I loved what you said about the Manolo's. So spot on!!

I am praying for a speedy recovery and quick resolutions to all the problems Friday night caused for you all.

Missed you lots last night!


Hope said...

I wanted to let you know I'm thinking and praying for your family. I think it's wonderful that Faith is mobile and can go any time at all without the vent. progress! I know you wondered if you would ever need to baby proof. Thank God you do, right?

I guess you were in an accident? I hope everyone is okay.

Janay said...

Yea for baby gates!!

I'd like to tell ya it get's easier but I'm afraid not. We are now into climbing everything, just wait Faith will get there too. It's such a catch-22 with these kids, we are so excited that they achieve all these normal toddler milestones yet the work it creates for us big people is at least twice that of a normal toddler :0)

Please let me know if you need any help with Faith this week, I'm happy to help out Wed afternoon or Thursday!!

Ann said...

Thanks for checking in Jen. Glad to hear Faith is keeping you on your toes in a good way! Hope you are okay.


Anonymous said...

Her mobility is a wonderful thing! Have you visited the site 5 minutes for special needs? There are wonderful resources there from experienced Moms.

I have a page called 'Childproof' on my site, too.

Glad that you are okay after 'the accident'.