Sunday, December 21, 2008

Turf Wars...

Look! It's us being married again! Actually it's quite the opposite....some of you may remember four years ago when we said our vows we promised the whole "til death do us part thing..." but there was one stipulation...when the Broncos played the Bills all marital promises were void. While we're smiling in the picture, I can assure you that I am taking full advantage of the clause right now :) (that, and I am a sore loser!) Five more hours of amnesty and you better bet I'm milking this one.

Nevertheless, we got out today (something that is very rare) and had a good time (despite the 15 degree weather...only in Colorado would the sun be shinning so brightly and it be that cold outside!)

Faith just keeps trucking along. Christmas should be quite amusing this year. Whenever Faith is introduced to something new she cries. My mom brought her a princess wand last week and Faith was in tears.... think she'd like a doll? Nope- absolutely terrified of it. So as long as we're not too attached to any ideals, I think it should be a good time. :)

Check out our little ham:

Now that Faith can pull herself up on things (!!!!!) we were a little worried she'd try to do so on the Christmas tree. Apparently we forgot we were dealing with a sensory kid because she wants nothing to do with the bright, poky thing. So this is as close as she is going to get. The shirt she is wearing reads, "Good things come in small packages." I wonder if the people who came up with that concept of this shirt knew how absolute that would be for families like ours.

May you see the blessings in the small stuff,

Jen (and no Brian tonight...he's not allowed...j/k.)

PS: I'm really not kidding- after the game one of our friends joked that Brian would be sleeping on the couch tonight. Since we never sleep in the same bed we won't have that problem. ;P I guess I'll have to find another way.....


Anonymous said...

YAY you guys went out together alone!! I am overjoyed for you!! Seriously that is absolutely amazing!! This photo reminds me of our college days. Love you guys so very much and we need to get together soon. FAITH LOOKS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

Marissa said...

Bitter much?? Make him pay Jen, milk it!!! LOL

That's o.k., I'm not happy with the outcome either, obviously. I can't believe the Broncos couldn't seal up the season with a win at home over a team that has no chance of going to the playoffs!! Now it is do or die next Sunday...

So glad you guys got out and had a good time, even if you were on opposing sides. Jen, I think that if it is your night with Faith you should make Brian sleep on the couch anyway! Ha!
Nothing personal Brian!! :)

What a precious picture of Faith, she is so beautiful. I love seeing an HME on her, even if it only for brief periods of time. And YAY for pulling up on things!! How exciting!



Erin said...

Auntie Erin

Marissa said...

What a bummer!! Not meant to be this season. So sad!! :(

It was good seeing you tonight. See you soon.