Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We're Baaaaaack...

I had planned on writing a post looking back on the past year, I had not planned on doing it from the hospital. Yes, you heard right, we are back in the PICU.

No, we don't jump at the first sign of sickness and cart our daughter off to the hospital. Quite the contrary we tried everything to STAY HOME, but after 8 hours of walking a thin line we gave in and went the the emergency room where we were quickly admitted to the PICU.

Once again Faith's condition quickly began to deteriorate over night. Increased work of breathing, needing 4X her normal oxygen requirements, bloody secretions, and increased vent settings got the better of her. So we're ringing in the new year from The Children's Hospital, once again.

She's doing alright today. Still working to breathe (when I say that, that means you can see her ribs every time she breaths and her nostrils flare- imagine how hard you breathe after a fast sprint- that's her breathing, even on a ventilator). She's on pretty high settings right now (a rate of 20) on a more powerful ventilator. So who knows how long we'll be here. Believe us, we've been pushing to go home since walking through these doors, but in due time. Among other things she's on IV antibiotics which will hopefully knock out the perpetrator this time around.

So no reminiscent posts tonight, we'll save the well wishes for 2009 for when we are OUT of the hospital.

Happy 2009!
Brian & Jen


Anonymous said...

Man! I was planning on reading about you looking back on the past year and having a nice compare/contrast of Faith's progress :(

I'm sorry... you and brian handle life in an extraordinary manner.


Hope said...

Oh No. I'm sorry she's sick and I hope she's back to her sweet, spunky self very soon. ((Hugs!))

Marissa said...

Praying for a speedy recovery for our Beautiful Faith.


Ann said...

Jen and Brian - so sorry to hear you and Faith are spending the New Year in the hospital. It's always such a difficult call -- "can we handle this at home or can't we". For the most part, our kids ultimately make the decision for us. I hope Faith's recovery is quick. May 2009 be the year of much progress for Faith.

Lots of love,

Rachel Marini said...

Aw, Jen, I'm sorry you guys rang the new year in while in the PICU
I pray that Faith has a very quick recovery and is off that vent again before you know it.
I hope 2009 will be a year of continued improvement in Faith's health and that you and Brian get more rest than you did last year.

Karen (Natalie's Mom) said...

Jen and Brian,

I am so sorry that Faith is back in the hospital. We will be saying our prayers for a quick recovery and even some more prayers that the rest of the respitory season leaves Faith alone.


Anonymous said...

Girl what are ya doing?? Hmmmm...Aunt Susan may have to get back out there to give ya some loving!

Get better my sweet Angel!

Autn Susan

I prayed you get better real soon!