Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gone to the Dogs

We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults.
Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment.
~George Eliot

As Faith approaches her second birthday, we've been getting a lot of questions/comments on whether or not we plan on adding to our family.

"Faith needs a brother," a friend from TCH remarked a few weeks ago.

What these people don't know, is Faith has two very stinky and wild brothers already.

To her, she is just one of the pack!

The other day the three of them played "peek-a-boo" through the doggy door for twenty minutes (and in toddler time, that's impressive!)

"Hey no fair! You get to be outside and I don't?"

"Just because I am wearing a pink bow in my hair doesn't mean I can't be one of the boys!"

"Say the magic word...!" (and yes, I am fully aware that my child has a mullet....I know I am cruel..but what else are we going to have to bribe her with when she's a teenager?)

"Open sesame!"

Buffalo offers a pittance (and yes, that's our dog, Elway in a "no-lick-collar." You don't even want to know..I swear we have the most accident prone dogs on this earth!)

Faith thinks it's funny when everyone else eats but her (here's she's offering Elway a piece of a Pringle). I've been meaning to get a picture of Faith in her new favorite pastime; playing with the dogs' food bowls. Yes, the child who freaks when she touches any sort of humanely edible cuisine, loves to get her hands slimy with regurgitated dog water and grainy kibbles and bits. Mm-Mm good!

When Faith received her trach we were cautioned to avoid exposure to animals because of the possibility of hair getting into her stoma (trach opening). Yes, I am sure there has been lots stray hairs that have made their way south towards the lungs, but sometimes the pros outweigh the cons. And we know she thinks it's worth every strand of irritating dog hair!

Thanks for checkin' in today!
Jen :)

And yes, you may have noticed Faith is off the vent! We are finally back to her "baseline" of being off the vent throughout the day! We are not "weaning" we are just "maintaining" at this point, but any rate, any time she can spend untethered is HUGE in our house!
(and yes, we will be addressing the "sibling" question more thoroughly in the next coming months...and no it's not what you think!)


Marissa said...

What a blessing it is for Faith to have her brothers around. I love how she interacts with them. 20 minutes sure is such a long time to play with them, very cool!


Ann said...

Loved the update, loved the pictures and Faith looks fantastic!

Love ya,

Marissa said...

Oh BTW, I hope Elway is on the mend.

I love the captions, too funny!!

Kristie said...

She looks so awesome. She looks so happy with her "brothers". I just love her smile.