Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home :)

Ringing in the New Year: I just happened to have a "party blower" (very randomly) in my purse which found great purpose on New Year's Eve. Look at Faith in her big girl bed! Because of her crib-phobia (try explaining that one the charge nurse) Faith was once again allowed a big girl bed, which was nice for us big people, too. :)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Just wanted to let you know we are home. :) Faith is extremely exhausted, irritable, and sleep deprived (as are we). I think she's having some "riod rage" (Tina, you'll appreciate that) b/c we've never seen her so restless before (will explain more later...)

Respiratory wise Faith is doing MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better. Turns out she was fighting a virus of sorts which basically knocked her out for a few days.

If you see the sandman tonight please nudge him to come sprinkle some extra dust over Faith's bed tonight (last night she FINALLY feel asleep at 5am...yes...she was up the entire night). It's already been a rough go tonight and it's not even 10 yet.

Thank you for your prayers over the past week, we know they really helped in aiding Faith's quick recovery!

Jen :)

PS: I just turned on my phone this afternoon (forgot my charger at the house) to a host of text messages and voice mails. I just wanted to let those who tried contacting me that I did not mean to neglect you and will reciprocate communication asap (just wanted to throw that out there for those of you who might think I have time to update the blog but not to return calls...but then again I know my friends don't keep tabs like that.) ;)


Marissa said...

How in the heck did you "just happen" to have party blowers in your purse?? Too funny.

So glad you are home. I just saw the sand man and we tied his hands behind his back, stuffed him in a box and sent him your way air mail!! He had better get there in time to give you all some rest tonight!!

Praying for healing and sleep... and healing sleep... and sleep healing... o.k. you get the point.

Love you guys,


Rachel Marini said...

Welcome home, Faith! Glad you had some party supplies in your purse Jen :) At least that brought some festivity to the hospital room I'm sure!
Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

i would like to let you 2 know you are saints along with may other parents in this world going through the same thing.when things seem down for me i think of your family. i wish you the best of 2009. Laura a chicago mother here.

Anonymous said...

I am glad y'all are home. Your good old Aunt Susan has been sick as well ( borderline puenomia) whatever that is...but I am slowly getting better and SO glad to read you are home =)

I cracked up , " party blowers in your purse" NOW theres a real mom who is prepared HA!

Love to you all!
Aunt Susan