Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rocky Balboa, Meet Faith Edona!

"I fall, I stand, I trudge on.
I gain a little, I get more eager and climb
higher and higher to see the ever widening horizon.
Every struggle is a victory."
-Helen Keller

No longer confined to the rectangular carpet, when Faith is off of the vent she is connected to fifty feet of oxygen tubing and pretty much has free rein of the downstairs. Our house is small enough that I can run upstairs for a few minutes and still hear her downstairs. While Faith is mobile (crawling, scaling walls) she can only go as far as her tubing will allow her (although she does pop off and keep going....), so when I do run up the stairs she's usually content playing in the dogs' food or opening and closing kitchen cabinets.

The other day while went about the monotonous household chore of emptying the trash in each room of the house, as I emptied Faith's pink, butterfly-imprinted trash basket, I turned around to see my daughter at her door, smiling very matter-of-factly.

My heart skipped a beat.

How on earth did she get up here? Did she.....? No...she couldn't way...

Y'up. She did. Just take a look for yourself:

Perhaps more appropriate music would be "Ain't no mountain high enough..."

Looks like it's time to buy another baby gate. Looks like it's time to celebrate another mountainous milestone reached!



On another note (I wrote the previous stuff yesterday), if I wrote about each time Faith was sick every single post would be about her fighting off yet another infection.

No kidding, the girl is sick 3/4 of each month. Right now we are walking the very thin line of hospital vs. home again. It would only be fitting that Faith spend Super Bowl Sunday in the hospital, wouldn't it? Afterall, it wouldn't be the first or the second time!

We probably had the worst night we have EVER had last night (and that says a lot!) but we reeeeeeeeaaaaaallly don't want to take her in, so once again we are trying to manage it all at home. But as some of you commented last time, ultimately Faith will make that decision for us. :) So prayers and good vibes please!


Marissa said...


We are so proud of you little one!! Way to keep your parents running after you.

We are praying you are able to stay out of the hospital and we are sorry you and mommy and daddy had such a bad night. Get better soon little butterfly.


Hope said...

I'm so excited for you! Keeping Mommy and Daddy on their toes for a GREAT reason!

I am praying for Faith to get better. You all are always in my thoughts.

Rachel Marini said...

Loved the video, Jen! That was too cute! It makes my heart soar every time I see Faith off the vent and crawling/moving around. I truly hope she gets better and fights off this infection.
Much love,

Tina said...

Faith You're amazing!!!
We are praying that you all get to watch the super bowl from the comforts of your couch!

Anonymous said...

No kidding, I got teared up watching Faith crawl up those stairs. You go girl!. We will also be keeping Faith in our prayers. We think of you guys often and love your posts.

Natalie's family (Karen, David, Faith, and of course Natalie)

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!!! Great job Faith!! I loved the music in the background, it was great. I hope you are feeling better soon, no need to try out the new pulmonary floor yet. :)
God bless, Beth

Ann said...

That was so awesome! And the look on Faith's face when she got to the top of the stairs ... priceless!!

Fingers and toes crossed that you are able to manage Faith's illness at home.


Anonymous said...

YEAH YAHOOO! You go girl!!! LOOK at you! A few more days is a Big day for you..THE VERY special day that God brought you into this world! I am not going to say too early...I am going to say at a perfect time!

Though it has been very tough and you have many struggles in this world..LOOK at the big steps you have accomplished.
My goodness little one..keeping your parents on their toes!

I remember meeting you for the first time when Michelle and I flew out there to surprise you. I remember standing over you and crying becuase I was so overwhelmed with LOVE for you and JOY that I was so blessed to spend YOUR FIRST birthday with you!!

Hopefully in July when we have to go to California , You will meet your Uncle Mike..He is a pretty cool guy and I think you will love him!

I wish I was there to hug and squeeze you again.. I miss you Faith!

Have a wonderful HAPPY healthy 2 nd birthday and keep on showing them Faith.." With a little Faith you can go along way!"

Love you babygirl,
Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike (in Iraq), Steve and Michelle

Aunt Susan said...
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Aunt Susan said...
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Aunt Susan said...

just found out I have a gmail acct so I will post from there but I still want all your posts go to my regular email Now I too can have a picture on your comments HAHA! Lets see if it works.
AUnt Susan

Anonymous said...

what a milestone that is!! so awesome! hope this infection doesn't knock her (or you guys) down! stay well!

Anonymous said...

Wow- what spirit! If she cvan do this sick there is no telling when she is well!..She is a butterfly. Will keep the prayers going,
Aunt Libby ,Uncle Robert and Beth(will forward to Mary and Jessie the great video!)

Lavanda Dolce said...

This was just awesome!!! Brought tears to my eyes and yes the song was more than appropriate!! You go Faith!!! LOVE IT!!
Hugs and Prayers, always. Cyndi

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH !!!! YAY!! I am so excited for you!! This is amazing! GO FAITH!!! Oh I am all choked up, she is such a miracle!



Roberta and Merrill said...

That is wonderful and I have to admit, brought tears to my eyes. She is a miracle and I know that you know that.


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