Saturday, May 9, 2009


Faith gets sick a lot. There is hardly a week that goes by where her secretions aren't yellow tinged and her stoma smells. Knowing this, we are so use to her frequent illness that we take them in stride, and probably are a little too nonchalant about it. When the doctors tell us to come in, our response is usually "naaaa...she's not THAT bad."

Last night, when Faith started to go downhill (very quickly) once again we erred on the side of non-caution - and that lead us to where we are today: The PICU.

One minute Faith was fine. The next she was unable to breathe on her own, retching, retracting, extremely high heart rate and respiratory rate. We took her into the ED, they transferred her to the floor, the docs up there took one look at her and she was sent to the intensive care unit.

The past two times Faith was in the PICU this year were not like this. This afternoon she is non-responsive, lethargic, and breathing really, really hard (on full vent support).

I don't usually worry when Faith is sick. We almost pride ourselves on being able to keep our cool when she is hospitalized.

This is different.

Maybe it's because when I was out with friends last night, a sudden feeling of alarm came over me and I was immediately worried about Faith. I have no idea why... when I left her with Brian she was her happy go lucky self. I had no reason to suspect anything different. But my mind played the "what if" game.....and then when I got home and Faith was in respiratory distress, I knew this time was indeed different.

I will update more when I can.

Thanks for checking in, and thanks for keeping little Faithers in your prayers!

Jen & CO.


Marissa said...

Oh gosh guys, I am SO sorry to hear this. I am praying like crazy for our precious Faith. And for you guys. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Love you all,


Hope said...

Oh No. Jen, I'm praying for Faith. I'm glad I saw this now because I was going to call you, so that will wait. ((Hugs)) Give Faith a hug from Ava. I'm hoping she feels much better tomorrow for Mothers Day.

Anonymous said...

Praying very hard for sweet Faith. I pray that she gets over this quickly.
Karen, David, Faith, and Natalie Shellenberger

Aunt Susan , Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle said...
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Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and MIchelle said...

My goodness..I am so sorry Guys! OF COURSE we will keep Faith in our aprayers. Uncle Mike got hoem the other day from Iraq so now i have backup for my prayers! I pray that she gets over htis quickly and heals so she can be the Little Faith that climbed those stairs last week and the Little FAith with the beautiful smile!!

We love you!!
Aunt SUsan, Uncle MIke, Steve and MIchelle

Dana said...

We will be praying for Faith. I hope all goes well and you will be home soon. Happy Mother's Day!

Dana and Laneah

Erin said...

Jen and Brian-
Many prayers for Faith and you!!
I hope for a speedy recovery!

Shelby Schultz said...

Jen and Family,
We're praying for you guys and hope Faith gets to feeling better soon.
Rod, Shelby and Ayla Schultz