Friday, February 12, 2010

Here we go again!

Guess what Faith got for her birthday?


A thank you note is on it's way to the Chuck E. Cheese in Louisville, CO. Yes, we knew when we took her the oversized rodent's petri dish that we ran the risk of Faith getting sick, but we were willing to take that risk. It was her birthday after all and she deserved to be at the place where, "A kid can be a kid."

And so now our kid sits in the Children's hospital- not the outcome we hoped for. We tried as best as we could to let this run it's course at home but we simply did not have enough oxygen to support her. Wednesday night she was on 8 liters sating in the low 80's. We have home tank at home that goes to 10 liters, but at that rate we'd blow through it in a few hours. So needless to say we are here where there is an endless supply of O2.

While Faith is on antibiotics, steroids, and frequent breathing treatments, there isn't much they can do to treat RSV. At this point it's all about keeping the virus at bay so it doesn't create secondary issues.

Joking aside, it's very easy to use Chuck E. Cheese as our scapegoat and blame this infiltration on taking Faith out but I am not going to do that. Even if she did get sick there (and yes, when she was literally licking the bumble bee machine Brian and I both flinched and said a few "Hail Marys".) we are not going live our life in fear of warding off the next illness. Yes, Faith is fragile, yes she catches things very easy, but if she were given a choice of going and having a ball and knowing it would come with the consequences of spending a week in the hospital she'd say,

"Bring it on!"

Looks like we'll be in for a little while. We'lll update more soon.

Jen & CO.


Hope said...

She looks so pretty (and so big!) in the picture. I hope she feels better fast. Poor baby:(

Ann said...

Well crap!

I so love the picture of her at Chuckie Cheeses ... oh, how far she has come!

I hope Faith gets to the point where you can manage her at home very soon.


Anonymous said...

Bummer and I'm going to call you.

(love those tights, they are brilliant.)

Amy b

Ayden said...

Hi Jen and Faith... so sorry to hear this! We are at TCH too with RSV. Ayden didn't get as bad it sounds like Faith is. We are in the ICU right now, but will be moving to the Pulm floor shortly. (((hugs))) I hope she can get over it soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow Chuckie Cheese for her birthday! Boy oh Boy did we do that a few times!

I am SO happy that she got to do something so FUN! I dont think Faith would have it any other way! Who would have thought 3 yars ago she would have been doing all these fun things! WAY TO GO FAITH!

I am SO SORRY you are sick though..get better soon I am sure your brothers miss ya!

We love you and glad you DID have a great time with yoru friends nad Chuckie!

Aunt Susan and gang!

Anonymous said...

You fill our hearts on this Valentines Day & God's ears with our prayers. Our love to you all.

Cindy,Ken,Justin & Courtney

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