Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Cat's Pajamas

My daughter wants alligator pajamas.

In an attempt to give our toddler her own sense of independence one of our nightly rituals is having her pick out her pajamas (Note that I am not ready for her to have this type of control over her daytime attire...she's aiming for independence not style, plus I am taking advantage of these years while I can). And every night the dialogue goes something like this...

US: "Faith do you want to wear polka dots or monkeys?"

Faith: (signs) Monkeys.

US: Princesses or monkeys?

Faith: Monkeys.

US: Monkeys or owls?(a sort of control know in case her choice is based on the last word she hears)

Faith: Monkeys.

So monkeys it is and usually is (she has three pairs), until the other the night the conversation went like this...

Me: OK Faith do you want monkeys or stripes?

Faith: Alligators.

Me: Alligators?

Faith: Yes, alligators (not sure what the sign for alligator is but Faith takes two of her hands and snaps them together like an alligator's jaw).

Me: But Faith you don't have any alligator pajamas. How about the monkeys?

Faith: Alligators.

As it turns out this was not the first time she had made such an eccentric request. When I summoned Brian into the situation he said that she had asked for alligator pajamas earlier that day (we're both not sure how she got that point across since neither of us knows the sign for pajamas or alligator).

This prompted my relentless search for alligator adorned pajamas (which has been extremely difficult because apparently manufacturers have the impression that five year old boys are the only interest group of predatorial reptiles.) This also prompted the realization that our little girl has reached a new level of independence. That night marked the first time she "talked" about something without us giving her the words. Up until this point her vocabulary has been one dimensional. She can only say things that we teach her and only says them when prompted. This often causes us to wonder what she thinks about but cannot say. That night she had her own thoughts and opinions and by george monkeys just wouldn't do. Even more impressive, she was able to say it.

So the search for alligator pajamas continues meanwhile we have taken her to the zoo JUST for the alligator exhibit, watched The Princess and the Frog (where I think her fascination with alligators began) numerous times, and replaced any and every familiar song with an alligator(turns out Old MacDonald might have had a farm in Florida...)

And whatever is going on in that little head of hers keeps snapping (yes, pun intended) 'gators and all. :)

Jen & CO.

PS: It's kind of a non-event for us this year but just wanted to get the word out in case I get any "you didn't tell us"comments after the fact-The March of Dimes' March for Babies is this Saturday. If you haven't got anything better to do then walk 6 miles in the rain (yes, rain again!) then come join us. We're meeting at Civic Center Park in Denver at the MOD family tent at 8:45).


Janay said...

Jen I have alligator pajamas you can have! OK so they are really crocodile but Faith can't read :0) and they are a size 3 but I bet the shirt would work, that's where the critter is anyway. I was going to return them because Milo & white shirts just don't get along especially with his g-tube.

How exciting she is expressing herself and her new found love of alligators (by the way she has the sign right). Can't wait to get the kids together again!

Alicia said...

I can't wait to see Faith again! She is just blossoming and I love that she is able to "talk" with you guys. And that she is asserting her independence is just AWESOME!!!

Kelly Lawler said...

I still read and love your posts! I am trying to be just like you but it's not working...nonetheless we are soooo excited to see you guys tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Jen..wonderful!! many sets of alligator pajamas on ebay!! f

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