Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry (almost) Christmas!

What can only mark the arrival of the Christmas season in the Reming household other than the steady stream of sub-par Christmas movies w/predictable, unrealistic plots on the Lifetime network that I just can't seem to stop watching (it's like a horrible accident on the side of the road- you just can't help but take a look)and my insistent need to begin blogs w/run on sentences? Ah, yes, the awkward Santa photo. For three years running Faith freaked when she approached the man in red which resulted in another momma-being-groped session and left her father with no choice but to stand awkwardly beside it all. Holly jolly Christmas indeed (and once again a little too jolly for Mr. Kringle).

We are officially on winter break and officially enjoying the season. Faith is very much into everything this year and when asked what she wants Santa to bring her she signs, "train" and "barbie car." (Could we have asked for a more balanced toddler? I think not).

Brian's mom is in town for the week so Faith has been receiving lots of love from her Buffalo Grandma. Now if we only could get some snow I think we'd have a picture perfect Christmas.

A little update on the school situation, beginning in January Faith will be visited by a home bound special ed. teacher provided by the district for three hours a week. I think Faith is the most over serviced child in the state (which of course is a really good situation to be in.) She receives home visits from her speech therapist, occupational therapist, and physical therapist each of whom come 2 times a week (for a totally of 6 visits) and we've just started taking her to a feeding clinic at Children's on Mondays. So with her addition of the home school teacher she's maxed out on adults (now only if we could have some kid therapy in there..) After just writing that I realize that might have sounded negative but in reality we have one incredible team of professionals that surround our family.

In keeping with the randomness of this post, my goal this break is to get Faith to wear her eyeglasses (y'up, she still has glasses, you just never see them in pictures b/c she whips them off her face faster then our camera's shudder speed.) I'm on the hunt for "princess" glasses so if anyone happens to come across any let me know (and they have to have an actual princess on them- when I showed her a pair of glasses inspired by Disney princesses she called foul and refused to allow them within 6 inches of her face). We've come to an agreement that if momma can find princess glasses she will wear them (just like the other day I came home from work and she greeted me at the door by requesting a princess potty...we're still negotiating the terms in that contract).

Looks like our little girl is growing up!

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays- it all seems to be coming and going very fast this year, but I hope you are able to savor the season.

Jen & CO.


Ann said...

Merry Christmas Jen and Co! Good to hear from you. It sounds like things are going well and it's awesome that Faith has managed to stay out of the hospital for a good stretch of time. Here's hoping the "healthy" streak continues through the Winter months.

Thinking of you always.


Jen said...

Hope you guys have a great Christmas!
I love your family picture!

Anonymous said...

hahaha Brian is awesome in that picture! Jen - let's hang out soon. I need to expose you to some newfound despondency : /


Anonymous said...

Sounds joyful! (Only I hope 'Buffalo' is in reference to where Grandma lives.)

Wishing you good luck with the wearing of the glasses!

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