Monday, March 12, 2007

Doin' Alright

Can you believe how big she is getting?!!! Look at those chubby cheeks! Although she looks HUGE compared to where she was she is still tiny- her head is about the size of an apple (but it was a the size of a lemon so she is growing!) She is holding steady at 2.3 pounds. She had a rough night last night but had a better day. She moves around a lot so the tubes that go down her throat move as well and need to be readjusted frequently. When I got to the NICU today she was not have a very good day- I was sad because I thought that meant I wouldn't be able to "kangaroo" her. The nurses tried tons of things to make her more comfortable but nothing seemed to work- then one nurse said, "she needs her mommy!!!" And sure enough once I held her she did fantastic! She went to the lowest amount of oxygen she had all day and all her vitals signs were excellent. I usually hold her at the same time everyday so she expects it now. When Brian got the hospital later that afternoon, she perked right up again when she heard his voice. It is wonderful that she is getting so comfortable around us and looks forward to our visits!
Thanks for the prayers!
Brian and Jen :)
PS: She had a not so good looking x-ray today that showed damage to her lungs- please pray that her lungs will be healed!
PSS: The red spot on her chin is an ouchie from the tape that was holding the ventilator tubes to her mouth. Not to worry- it will heal quickly!


amy burkhardt said...

Awww! I'm glad you got to hold her today! That is a nice picture, by the way...she looks like a baby :0
It was good seeing you two today, I'm really glad I have to be in that neighborhood weekly.
I'll talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

She is really cute! It's fun to get to see her eyes open! So exciting to hear
about her awareness of your presence, too. We love you guys and are praying for growth and progress in little baby Faith!
Jamie Hanes (and all my guys!)

Anonymous said...

Look at that precious baby..FAITH! I am so glad she is aware when you two are there..that , I AM SURE, make you feel terrific! Babies KNOW there mommies and daddies and what a wonderful feeling! We do pray for her lungs and that they heal quickly and completely! I have to say I giggled when you were comparing her body parts to lemons and apples BUT it makes you realize how very tiny she is but she is GROWING! Hang tough...God is preparing her to get her home in HIS timing and He will heal her lungs. We love you and let her know her crazy Aunt Susan loves her!
Love you guys!
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

JENN !! Its Michelle !! Your cousin !! I am so happy for you guys! Thanks for the Birthday call..I cant believe you called with all you have going on..thank you ;) Faith is beautiful and growing daily I see. Thats good. She is a tough little girl. I love you and Hope to see you again soon!
I love you and miss you