Wednesday, March 14, 2007

She's packin' on the ounces!

Faith now weighs 2 pounds, 5 ounces! It's great to finally see her steadily increasing in weight. Her ventilator settings have increased due to ugly x-rays of her lungs that show the damage it is causing- so at this point the steroids aren't looking that scary- months on the vent is even more frightening!

We are enjoying little milestones that Faith makes everyday. We are sure that ALL parents adore every detail about their children, but it seems like when you have a preemie the littlest things are monumental; The other day she had "eyes boogies" after taking a snooze. Today we put diaper rash cream on her hiny because it was sore. Every time she yawns we get so excited you'd think that we've won the lottery. We get a kick out of the ordinary which makes us realize that being the parents of a preemie is truly a gift. :)

Yesterday she turned 31 weeks old (adjusted gestational age) only 9 more weeks to go!

You can do it Faith!

Brian and Jen :)

Brian and the boys, painting a picture for Faith's room. (More Faith pictures coming soon- we have been forgetting to bring the camera to the NICU!)


Angie said...

Just came across your blog. Your little Faith is beautiful!! I will say prayers for your family! Congrats on your gorgeous girl!1

Joan said...

Hi - Jacquie (I'm her mom) told me about your little miracle and now I check in frequently for the updates. We are all praying for daily improvements and looking forward to the day Faith comes home to her butterfly room!

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