Tuesday, March 6, 2007

IV Free!

Every time we go into the NICU we are met with pleasant surprises. Today we learned that Faith is IV free! See is off her fentanyl and other IV meds. It is so nice to see her with less wires! We received double good news when we saw that she gained another 2 ounces last night. She is now 2.2 pounds! We are a little nervous though- once she hits 2.3 it's off the vent she goes (which is a good thing) but if she doesn't do well on cpap they have to give her the icky stuff. :( She will probably gain the next ounce in the next day or so it's major prayer time!!!!!

Other than that no other news to report-I've been able to "kangaroo" her for the past week which has been great. Kangaroo holding is when the infant and mother are skin to skin. She lays on my chest as I recline in a lazy-boy chair. They have done many studies that site the benefits of kangarooing preemies.

We will let you know how she does without the vent! :)
Brian and Jen :)

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