Monday, March 5, 2007

She's a 2 pounder!!!!

Brian got a lovely surprise this morning when he visited Faith before work- she weighs 2 pounds! Although some of that might be water weight we are not complaining! She has also gone up on her feeds- 6 ml's per hour! A few weeks ago she was getting 1 every 4 hours. She's a growing girl! When she reaches 2 pounds 3 ounces the doctors want to try to take her off the vent. They will then put her on bubble cpap. The cpap puts pressure through her nose to enable breathing and is much better for her lungs. This also means that she will have to do more work- on the vent she can decide when to breathe and when not to- on cpap she doesn't have a choice. If she does not do well on the cpap and has to go back to the ventilator they will use the steroids. :( So that is our big prayer request for the week. We know Faith can do it- she's a little fighter.

In other news Faith was moved to a new room today. Because there are not a lot of babies in the NICU right now (isn't that great?) they are consolidating space- that way the nurses will be closer to the babies rather than spreading them out. It's the same kind of room that she had before- but Brian thinks this one will be a little quieter than the other. :)

I (Jen) went back to work today. :( Fortunately I am only working half days- so I will be at the hospital everyday by noon to do her "cares" (change her diaper, take her temperature, etc.) and if I am lucky, hold her. :)

Well thanks for checking in on Faith today. Your prayers are being felt!
Brian and Jen :)


Aunt Susan , Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle said...

2 pounds! She is getting bigger and bigger daily. Hey, you can rush perfection HA! God knows what he is doing so hang on to that thinking! We love you very much adn pray for y'all! We have alittel something on its way to y'all so keep an eye out for it!

God Bless you Brian, Jen and Faith ..oh and the kids at home ( crazy dogs)
Aunt Susan

Aunt Susan , Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle said...

Ok Your old Aunt Susan is losing her mind..I MEANT:
YOU CAN'T RUSH PERFECTION! ( I made a typo in last post!) sorry!

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