Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Faith is 32 Weeks Today! 8 More to Go!

Well, Faith has made it 24 hours on CPAP! Overall she is doing pretty well. Early this afternoon her CO2 levels were high and if they did not change she was going to have to be reintubated back on the ventilator. Her levels finally went up (with some help from her Daddy Kangarooing her). She was "fussy" for most of the day. Now that we can hear her cry her "fits" seem more troublesome- like any new parents we have to figure out what she wants (a pacifier, to be moved, etc.) the hard part is we can't pick her up and hold her like you would with a newborn. Nevertheless she is Faith the Fighter and she is persevering!
Thanks for checkin' in out Faith today!
Brian and Jen :)


Anonymous said...

Excellent news! Hang in there and YES she is a fighter. FAith wants to go home as much as you want her home..But God decides when that is! I am sure you will have ups and downs but Glory to God on all He is doing! Keep foghting FAITH and keep presevering!You can do this and you ARE the miracle adn God is working through you showing what hope and FAITH are!
Love you
Aunt Susan

Jacquie and Dan said...

We're so glad to hear about how well Faith is doing! God truly does answer prayer. Keep leaning on his strength!