Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Well she did, and on her own terms! After a couple of difficult days, Faith took things into her own hands (literally) and extubated herself by pulling out her ventilator tube. The doctors said that if she ended up doing this they'd try her on CPAP- sure enough she did it! She is currently on a CPAP of 5, which is a mid to low setting (last time she started out on a CPAP of 7). She is doing great on it- you can visibly see her struggle to breathe , but she is breathing. Faith has been in the NICU for the past 72 days. Today, gestationally she is 36 weeks! She is just about 4 pounds now- almost tripling her birth weight. The goal this week is to get her off the CPAP and onto the cannula- then we will be back to where we were before the surgery.
Thanks for praying for Faith- it really helped today!
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

Yippee! Yeah Faith! That's great news Jen and Brian! Love you guys! Hey, I hope you get to go on a date or coffee or something! You need and deserve it!

Tyler and Caleb said...

Yay! This is such great news! I got goosebumps and all teared up... What a strong little princess! ~:o)>-<
Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news. Breathing here can be very tough for anyone, but it's so good to see Faith doing better without the respirator.

Uncle Paul

Anonymous said...

THANKS YOU JESUS!I told you," Have a little Faith in Faith" She KNOWS what she wants and when....what a little fighter! A girl after my own heart ha! I giggled when you said she took it out herself..ha-ha Way to go girl! Keep it up Faith and I told them you will be a testimony of what a child of God can do.
Brian and Jen we are so proud of you and how you have endured so much and continue to stay true to who you are..not many peopel can do that. You are VERY special and we love you. Look for a little package in the mail..a little late for the shower but that just meant I got to go shopping again and get the CUTEST thing for y'all!
I love you both! May God continue to give you strength and continue to heal and mend Faith in HIS time!

Aunt Susan and Uncle MIke
xo xo xoxo

Paula said...

That IS such fantastic news.. you go girl!
Praise the Lord!!
Paula :)

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