Sunday, April 29, 2007

Faith is NOW 12 weeks old (we miss counted last week!)

Faith has made it over 24 hours without pulling her tube! To clarify when we say "pulling" it doesn't necessarily mean she physically pulls it. Faith is swaddled extra tight to insure her hands won't interfere with the tubes. What is happening is Faith has a lot of secretions (due to the ventilator) the secretions lubricate the tube, thus the tube slides easily with movement. When Faith feels these secretions she starts moving her head around, which makes the secretions worse and the tube more likely to come out. They are suctioning her very frequently to keep these down, but like almost everything in the NICU it is a catch 22- the more you suction the more abundant the secretions. She is also being heavily sedated. They have increased her sedation levels- so she is pretty zonked out every time we see her.
The past few days she has had blood in her stool, which could be a sign of infection. They are motoring her close by taking blood samples frequently. So far her lab work is "ok" (she is low on things, but that is typical Faith) and nothing has grown in her cultures. They think it was an intolerance to the high calorie fortifiers she was receiving (to boost her growth). They have been giving her pedalite then straight breast milk for the time being. We will keep you updated on that. Right now our biggest struggle is keeping that tube in. Please continue to pray with us that it will be kept in!
Brian and Jen

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Anonymous said...

That precious little face! I could just eat her up! ;) Keep me informed on her tests and how she is. How is the sedation working? Hopefully its long enough to heal her tubes before surgery.

I loved all the pictures of the walk and of course I LOVE FAiths pictures! You two also look awesome as usual and I loved seeing those smiles. Stay positive and know you ALL are prayed for often. I sent out more info on Faith to keep and continue the prayers all over the states going for FAITH! What a beautiful little girl y'all have.
I cant wait to officially meet her! ;) I know your mother ( Brian) is coming to town, please send my love and enjoy the time with her. She is there to help!!

God Bless and I love you
Aunt Susan