Saturday, April 28, 2007

Walk America 2007: Fighting for Faith!

Why we walk: Faith cuddling with her March of Dimes bear.
Well, we did it! (All 6.2 miles of it) Today we walked for Faith and babies everywhere in hopes that one day there will be no such thing as preemies or babies with birth defects. We had a great time walking together to save babies. It was very moving and inspiring to see families and friends walking together for this cause. Many families were walking with their toddlers, kids, and teenagers who started out just like Faith! It really gave us hope! Thank you to everyone who walked with us and/or donated to the March of Dimes. Together team Fighting for Faith raised over $700!!!! Wooowhooo! We cannot wait until next year's walk when when Faith will be walking WITH us!!!!
Thanks again!
Brian and Jen
PS: Faith keeps pulling her tube!!!! It is happening almost everyday, which is really bad. Please pray that the tube stays in!


Anonymous said...

Jen and Brian,
That walk was such a blessing and an amazing experience! We will keep praying for Faith each day! We love you guys so very much!

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

Morning guys! Wow I wish I could have been on that walk with you! How inspirational! Well maybe next year and I will push Faith stroller!!
On Faith pulling her tube out..we know a pediatrician that works at Wilford Hall with preemies here in San Antonio and he was asking why they havent sedated Faith so she sleeps a little deeper and WONT pull the tube out. That is what they do here until the airway tubes can heal. He as glad to hear that your doc is doing the eye surgeries...some miss that. He told me never lose hope to her all the time..they hear that and love it! He was glad to hear she had gained weight up to 4 pounds right? She has made many leap and bounds!
This little angel is such a fighter and has so much will to live!! AND she will continue to be a fighter ..Bless you when she is in High School haha!
Hope you are doing ok..the pictures of the "walking for FAith" group are great. I just love you guys!
See ya on the walk next year ok!
Talk with you soon and Jen..thanks for calling Michelle , she has been confused and loves to hear your voice even for a minute! She wants to fly out and help you when that sweet angel comes home! ( I told her it would be a while because she has to be home for a while before people come over but I will send her!)But focus on her healing and all the steps will follow in Gods time!
We love you
Aunt Susan
xo xo xoxo
PS sorry this one was so long!

Team Youth said...

WalkAmerica is now March for Babies!

Dear March of Dimes supporter,

Your help is needed!

You may have heard the news …WalkAmerica is now called March for Babies. Our new name makes it very clear who we’re walking for ― all babies.

Now we need your help in getting the word out. Whether it’s in a blog, an email to friends or by putting this badge on your website … every mention of our new name helps.

Visit our Web site at for our new logo and other materials to help us spread the word.

While our event name is different, our mission remains the same. March of Dimes is still the champion for babies – raising funds needed for research and programs that make a difference in the lives of babies and their families.

We appreciate your ongoing support. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at if you have any questions about our new name or our event.

One day all babies will be born healthy, but we have to walk to get there.

Thank you,
March for Babies Team

March of Dimes Foundation
1275 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10605

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