Friday, April 20, 2007

Faith needs prayer

Yesterday was the most terrifying day of our lives. We thought we were going to lose our precious girl several times. She had to be resuscitated at least 10 times. Each time her heart rate would flatlined and she would turn gray. She is back on the ventilator. It is funny how your priorities change- before he despised the ventilator, now that it is keeping her alive, we love it. Faith's lungs look ok, she has something blocking her airways. Her airways are swollen, but the doctors think there is a larger problem that was causing her such extreme breathing difficulties. One idea is that there is something blocking her airways, like a growth or something that became inflamed form the vent tubes. If this is the case they will "zap" whatever it is with a laser. Another idea is that there is a narrowing in her airways. If this is the case she will need a tracheotomy. They are going to do a procedure today where they stick a camera down her airways to see what is going on. We really appreciate all of your prayers during this time. We are on our knees and pleading for the life of our precious miracle. Or as Brian said, this is just one more chapter in her book titled, "Why my name is Faith."
Brian and Jen :)


Anonymous said...

Brian and Jen:

You have really been through the ringer as well as Faith. I dont know what Gods plans are for Faith but I know he DOES HAVE A PLAN. Whatever Gods will is in all this I pray for HIS WILL to be done. I pray that the test just shows she has little swollen tubes due to the vent coming in and out and that in time the swelling will go down. You know we love you guys and PRAY daily for Faith to be healed and I pray He continues to pour strength into you both and helps you get through all this. Faith is a fighter adn I nkow she is getting tired..KEEP On fighting sweet can do this! ;) <><

We love you and THANK you for taking time to keep us informed.

Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike
xo xo xoxo

Anonymous said...

We will keep on praying. Big hugs to you both.

Amy Van Vranken

Anonymous said...

I have prayer chains all over the United States praying for Faith and your family! I know in about 20 minutes she is going to have the scope done...she already had a transfusion today so this child of God has had a rough day to say the LEAST! I know you two and the love you have for each other, Faith and God is what keeps her fighting. I have been emailing your mom all day with prayers people have sent me to pass on to y'all!
We love you!! xo xo xoxo
Extra prayers and hugs today!
Aunt Susan

Daryl & Sara VT said...

Jen and Brian,
We are praying... We are on our knees before God with you. Please do not feel alone - we are praying. Please let us know if you need anything. We'll call you this weekend.
Sara & Daryl

Paula said...

Oh sweet baby Faith, Gods healing love be with you, hold you in his loving arms and guide the MD's to help heal you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jen and Brian,

Not a day goes by without us checking your webblog on how Faith and you two are doing. Thanks for all the updates.

I pray that the Lord sends his healing powers to get Faith through all of this - quickly!
I also ask the Lord to give you two some rest tonight as I can imagine you both must be exhausted.

God's love, and ours too, is with you and Faith.

Uncle Robert and Aunt Libby

Anonymous said...

Well guys I didnt see an update tonight but thats ok, you have to be with Faith and I know your update will be when you worries..I am hoping you two get a little rest tonight. I will pray for Faith before I lay my head down and sleep. I pray that the tests came out good and that she just needs a little more time to rest . She is a fighter and is a child of God..she will pull through this..I just know it in my heart!
Love you
Aunt Susan
Uncle Mike
xo xo xoxo