Thursday, April 19, 2007

Please pray for Faith today!

Faith did not have a very good night. We received another middle of the night phone call. She is having a very difficult time breathing. They increased her CPAP settings and are giving her nebulizer treatments. They also began administering Decadron again. If you remember we were terrified of this steroid a month ago- now we can see that she really needs it. It will decrease the swelling and help her lungs to mature more. Please continue to pray for little Faith today.
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

You got it guys! My goodness how much more can this little angel TAKE! I talked to your mom, Jen, it is killing her not to be able to be with you guys at such a stressful time. Its a mom thing! Please keep us informed best you can. I have called everyone I know so I got the prayers going! FAITH: You hang in there baby.....EVERYONE loves you and are praying for your recovery and strength...take all the time you need to get better and stronger..we are all waiting to hold you hug you. We love you sweet angel! ;)
We love you and my heart aches for y'all going through so much! God knows what He is doing even when we arent sure what is going on! <><
Love you
Aunt Susan
xo xo xoxoxox ( extra lovin for Faith)

Anonymous said...

Just was going to bed and wanted you to know that I have you on many prayer chains and MANY people all over are praying for Faith and you as a family! I am only telling you this so you KNOW God is still working, has been working and will continue to work to watch over Faith and her recovery and to give her strength to breathe on her own.
Sweet dreams my sweet angel and I will check on you tomorrow morning and I expect to hear good news. Take care of each other , Jen and Brian. We are very very proud of you...You are amazing! No worries..God has everything in HIS hands.
AUnt Susan <><
xo xo xoxo