Friday, April 13, 2007

Yay for Faith!

Well she did it! Faith made it through her eye surgery today. It was very nerve wrecking for us- seeing her on the surgery table brought back some scary memories of Faith’s first few weeks. The surgery went well. The doctor said that this does not mean Faith will not lose her vision but it does decrease the chance. She is going to be closely monitored for the next year (she will visit the eye doctor every two weeks) to make sure the blood vessels in her eye are growing normally. The post op was also nerve wrecking- Faith was having difficulty weaning off of the ventilator. We were so scared that this was going to be a repeat of what we went through to get her off a few weeks ago But to our surprise a little over an hour ago they put her back on the nasal cannula! She is breathing heavier than she was pre-op but that is to be expected. So that is where everything stands now. Please pray that Faith will stay strong and keep breathing on her own. We truly appreciate all of your prayers today- we truly felt them!
Brian and Jen :)

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Anonymous said...

We pray for you Faith! You stay strong and show them that you are a fighter and will overcome all you have been through!
Aunt Susan