Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today's good news is that Faith is still on nasal cannula! Today's bad news is that she will have to be on the ventilator for her eye surgery on Friday. After the surgery they are going to try her back on the cannula, however they have told us that when preemies like Faith have chronic lung disease, it is hard for them to breathe as they recovery from surgery. In that case she will go back on CPAP. So we decided to snap lots of pictures of Faith without all of that gear! So that is the big prayer request this week. You may have noticed the red spot on Faith's cheek in some of her pictures. In the beginning we thought it was a scar, as it turns out it is a Hemangioma. A Hemangioma is an abnormal build up of blood vessels below the skin- and are very common in preemies. We've been told that they go through a rapid growth phase (which we have noticed in Faith's) and usually disappear in about 4-6 years. It really is the least of our worries- in fact it gives her a little character! (not like she needs anymore!) Well thank you for praying for Faith- the next few days are critical.
Brian and Jen


Tyler and Caleb said...

Wow! She is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE this picture of her ~ it put such a huge smile on my face ~:o)
I will be sending extra prayers and love over the next few days... Give the little cutie pie a smooch for me.
Lots of Love,
P.S. Thanks for the updates everyday!

Anonymous said...

She is so adorbable! We will be praying for her on her surgery and I am SURE she wont be on the venilator too terribly long. Look at those precious eyes...aweeeeee.. I could just eat her up! You hang tough my angel and KNOW you will show them that you wont be on that venilator long and that you will need time to rest then you will be a testimony to all! Keep fighting Faith!
Give her a kiss form her Auntie Susan and Uncle Mike! ;)
We are so proud of you guys!
Keep strong!
God Bless and we love you!
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see how the surgery went today! We love you and are praying that the sugery is a success!

AUnt Susan

Anonymous said...

Hey, it is Friday and I am just praying that Faith's eye surgury is going/went well and her breathing tools are the best and most benefical to her at this point! I am also praying for you guys, standing by while your little one undergoes another procedure! Trust in the Lord! Lean on Him, give Him your concerns and worries! Rest in Him! Love you!
Jamie Hanes