Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Miracle!

Yesterday when we were going through the "what ifs" with Faith's team we agreed the best scenario in today's bronch would be that she wouldn't require the surgery and she would come off the vent right away. We all brushed this off and said, "in a perfect world." Well- IT HAPPENED!!!! Faith did not need the surgery and she came off of the ventilator right away!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? We are still not out of the woods yet airway wise- basically the doctor saw swelling and scaring at the vocal chords- he described it as a "difficult problem" but not a problem that would be solved by a split. A Trach would be more appropriate, however that is the absolute last resort. He suggested to give Faith time (although he did say this is a problem that will last many months). Receiving treatments (such as inhaled steroids, nebulizers, etc) will help the swelling. But we know what will ultimately help this all: PRAYER! So we are staying positive that she will not need a trach and her airway will heal completely.
Now we tackle another issue: feeding. Faith is a full term 42 weeker now- who is supposed to be nippling. As you know she stopped nippling about a week ago. If she continues not to eat, she may require a gastronomy tube (a feeding tube inserted into her stomach). This is also a last resort- Once Faith gets off of the high flow cannula (which will be a while) and is on an amount of oxygen that is appropriate to come home on, then a g-tube will be discussed. But we are praying that we won't get to this point! So that's where we stand. Right now Faith needs to get of off CPAP (she was put on CPAP right after the procedure today).
Well we are so thankful for today's miracle- really the fact that she came off of that vent so quickly is amazing considering her history!
Let's keep the faith!
Brian and Jen :)


Anonymous said...

Yay!- Yay! - Yay! One day you can write a testimony of Faith to Reader's Digest and this will all be a distant memory. We need miracles. We need stories like yours. How can God not help her? We will pray here. I have a friend who just got diagnosed with stage IV met cancer- I work with him on the PTA, he has less than 6 months and missed his girls graducation last night and didn't tell them so as not to wreck the day. Tonight they will learn. Pray for them too. I am sending you something for her, and you all. ---Libby

Paula said...

1 Peter 3:12 says:
"The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous and His ears are open to their prayers"


Dear Jesus, Divine Physician and Healer of the Sick, we turn to You in this time of need. O Dearest comforter of the troubled, alleviate our worry and sorrow with Your gentle love, and grant us the grace and strenght to accept this burden.
Dear God, we place our worries in Your hands, We place our sick under Your care and humbly ask that You restore Your angels to health again.
Above all, grant us the grace to acknowledge Your holy will and know that whatsoever You do, You do for the love of us.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys..FINALLY I found a place to be able to hook up computer and check on "our baby" What a miracle! But this doesnt surprise me..she is one tough kiddo!
Faith always seems to show us what the meaning of true Faith truly is! We pray that she eats better and gets stronger every day! PRAYER is what is helping her and you guys to get through this difficult time.
Jesus is and always will be a healer and HE will heal Faith! We love you and it has been killling me not to get on everyday to check on my baby and write to her! THANK YOU JESUS for coffee shops with internet!
We pray Faith will not have to have a trach and the HE will heal her tubes..He has shown us so much so far!
I will check on her tomorrow and we will call as sson as wecan! Again Jen, thank YOU for calling us the other day to keep us posted.
God bless y'all!
We love you,
Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike
xo xo xoxo

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