Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ok Here we go...

Remember this bear? Faith at 1 pound 3 ounces (her weight a week after birth)

Look at the bear now! Faith at 5 pounds.
Tomorrow Faith is going to have a rigid bronch. She will have to go down to the operating room (her surgeries in the past have all been in the NICU) she will be placed on the ventilator, and will more than likely have a cricoid split surgery. Basically this means they will surgically widen her airway. They think this is really going to help Faith. For the past four months she has struggled with breathing- her lungs look ok- it is her upper airway that is concerning. The post-op for the split will be difficult. She will have to be on the ventilator for a couple of weeks with limited movement so everything can heal. We know this is going to be a couple of difficult weeks ahead of us.
Today's other news was her eye exam. Everything kind of stands as it did last week. In both eyes there is pulling of the retina- the doc. said "we are not out of the woods" meaning the retina could still detach- the good news today is that it hasn't. Once again she will be closely watched.
Today we spent some quality time with Faith watching her do the baby things we won't get to see for a while (we gave her a bath, watched her in her swing, etc.) We really appreciate your prayers over the next few weeks. We pray that Faith will heal quickly and this will really help her. On a positive note we will finally get to the point of what has been interfering with Faith's breathing.
Thanks so much,
Brian and Jen
For more info on what a cricoid spit check out:


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