Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Day 108

Ok here it comes- Faith had an eye exam yesterday. The good news is her left eye seems to be healing fine. The bad news is that in her right eye it looks like the retina is detaching. If the retina detaches she will lose her vision in that eye. The retinaologist that performed her last two eye surgeries is coming to look at her eyes again today. If it detaches there is really nothing they can do to save her sight. In other bad news Faith is still struggling to breathe. She is receiving inhaled steroids and nebulizer treatments to help her breathe.
Faith is our hero. She works so hard to do things we take for granted everyday; breathing, eating, and seeing. Every breath is a struggle- but she keeps on breathing. If we were her, we would have given up by now- but she is a fighter. The poor thing- her first four months of life have been filled with nothing but pain. True, she is happy when we hold her, but you can tell she still is in a lot of pain. She is truly an inspiration!!!
Thanks for checking in today,
Brian and Jen Check Spelling


Paula said...

"There can be miracles when you believe....
For with God nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37.
Jen and Brian-
Faith is your hero but you are hers. She loves you with all her little heart can love. She feels comfort with your every touch. Your precious young family, its strength, love, and patience show us all everyday what true HEROS are.
We continue to pray for God's healing power to shine on Faith.

Anonymous said...

Jen and Brian
You are my heroes. Not a day goes by when I do not admire you both for the noble qualities that you so humbly display. You are an inspiration to all of the lives that you touch. You all remain in my prayers, each and every day.

Lisa B

Anonymous said...

All three of you are heros. She is yours and you are hers! God can and will do Miracles. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

This child has been through so much my goodness....not many ADULTS can or could go through what she has. She is a fighter that is for sure.

You guys hang tough and KNOW HE will be there through every step of the way. I pray God helps this sweet child breath easier and heals her sight .
But God has a definite plan for FAith so what ever HIS plan is I will except. But I do know God isnt going to let this child go through so much without a purpose and plan for her!

Faith , my sweet baby, keep on showing them. I know you hurt and it is hard for you but If I could send you easy breathing and that your tough breathing would be sent to me..I would switch with you in a second!

Jen and Brian:
Keep holding and caressing and tlaking to Faith daily...she KNOWS and FEELS your love. THAT is what will get her through!

We love you and keep me informed regarding her eyes.

Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

Jen and Brian,

We are praying everyday! The power of Love covers all, and little Faith is pressing on through the Power of God's Love and your Love as God's Chosen Parents for her!

You both did not become her parents by accident, she was given to you by the Lord and entrusted into your lives because He knew that you would be perfect for this little precious girl. Continue to seek Him, be faithful through all of these hard times and YOU WILL BE BLESSED!! You guys can do it! Keep going, we are with you through every step. Every time it hurts to see her go through this, remember Jesus Holding Faith in His Arms. He is holding her in the Palm of His Hand.

We love you guys, we can see how it is easy to grow so weary but you are amazing parents and the reward is so great. He will continue to give you strength when you feel like the light will never come.

Faith, you keep going you precious Angel. The Lord has a Divine Purpose for your life and you are going to reach millions with your story! You are truly a miracle from the Heavens! We love you Faith!

All our Love,

John and Katie