Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Faith needs prayer

We were a little premature in announcing that Faith could be coming home in the next few weeks- she is defiantly going to need more than a few weeks to recoup. She is not doing very well. She is now being fed by a feeding tube, and she is back on the CPAP. She was really struggling to breathe yesterday and tired out. They took several x-rays which showed an enlarged heart. This could just be from the stress of breathing with chronic lung disease, but just in case she is going to receive an echo today. They are considering doing another Bronch to look at her lungs. A baby that is 41 weeks should not be having the problems that Faith is. She's gotten through so much we know she can get through this.
Thanks for praying for Faith today,
Brian and Jen

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Anonymous said...

I pray for you to heal Baby Faith. You said when two or more are gathered in your name...well, there are MANY praying for Baby Faith. She needs you to help her breath and to stop having to struggle. Lord, I know this is all in YOUR timing and I trust you in all this as do Brian and Jen .
This child of yours already has been through SO much. I KNOW, because of your word, that you will heal this child! Faith has shown us what TRUE FAITH in you is. But I ask you in Jesus' name to help this child to have a healthly FULL life! TO breath on her own , eat well and finally get home to HER home with Brian and Jen who have been at her side.
Jen and Brian:
Hang in there. I know this "rollercoaster" of ups and downs has to be wearing thin on you BUT KNOW you can get through this. Many people love you and love Faith..God has his hands holding Faith to heal her..it is just taking a little more time.
Baby Faith:
My sweet child...take a deep breath and clear those lungs and expand them to the fullest. Jesus is with you helping you. Eat well and KNOW God is taking a little extra time on you to heal you. You keep showing everyone that you WILL get through it because you ARE a child of God.
Auntie Susan LOVES and ADORES you. You hang tough sweet angel ..I know you are getting weary and tired but GOd is going to continue to give you that fighting spirit !
God Bless you Baby Faith!

I love you
Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike