Monday, May 21, 2007

Eat Faith Eat!!!

Faith is having a very difficult time eating. We have experimented with various kinds of nipples, bottles, and techniques and nothing seems to be doing the trick. Babies who have been on ventilators for long periods of time often have nipple aversions. We hope this is not the case for Faith- but getting her to eat is like pulling teeth. She will not be able to come home until she can successful nipple all of her feeds. This might keep us there for a while- please pray that Faith will catch on!
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

Have to tried the GERBER?

Here is a link for preemie bottles:

Look at bottles and put "preemie " in the search.
Hopefully y'all can find one she likes. EAT BABY FAITH EAT!!! You have overcome SO much...this is just a little hill to climb compared to what you have already acheived....CLIMB it strong baby! No worries.... ;)
We love you
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

Baby Faith is beautiful. We will keep praying for her. Les, Joan and Sharee' Morse

Paula said...

Well now our prayers are a little funny.
We now pray for you to nurse, suck and grow like a bunny.
We have prayed for life, breath,
healing and sight.
Faith just grab on and for Mom's sake Don't Bite.

Smiles and Love

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