Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Enough already!

Faith had an eye exam today. Lately whenever we open with this line something bad follows, and sure enough it does. The doctor's first words were, "Faith's eyes are not healing very well." She still has Plus disease in both eyes. This may require surgery again. We don't even want to think of that because it may mean she will have to go back on the ventilator. This is like the movie Groundhogs Day- only with a horror movie twist. Nevertheless, we know the Great Physician and her eyes CAN be healed!!!!
In other Faith news the on and off CPAP thing seems to be working- it gives her a break and allows her relax a bit. Relaxing is key for Faith because when she is working hard she is burning calories- every little calorie is important. In order for Faith to get better she needs to grow- growth helps her airways, her organs, etc. Like we've said before she is VERY much behind in this area.
We are asking for more miracles here- we've had many of them, and we are very thankful- but a few more would not hurt!
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, I know you guys are getting discouraged and I am so sorry this keeps happening to you guys. It is so hard to be patient when it is your child, but you hang in there. Try and breathe, pray and take one step at a time. Enjoy every second you have with her, I know it is hard because she is not home, but these moments are very precious as you know, so continue to cherish them each day. We love you guys and we are going to continue to pray each day for her.
Love John and Katie

Anonymous said...

Jen and Brian:

I know this is such a frustrating time for y'all but hang tough. God WIL get y'all through this. I do pray that Faith wont be on the vent as long and that she recovers quickly.

Faith: You are a tough little young lady adn you continue to amaze us with your strength!

Dont get discouraged ( I know easy for Aunt SUsan to say) but John and Katies are correct..these are preciou times...see those times to get you through.

Faith will be home in her beautiful "butterfly" room soon.

When she has this eye surgery, she will be able to see those beautiful paintings her daddy painted for her.

She is SO beautiful...keep those gorgeous pictures coming.

You need ANYTHING you know you can count on us!

I love you
Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike
xo xo xoxo