Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Faith is one week away from being full term!!

Well.....Faith is back on the CPAP. But this time it was by our choice. Yesterday we noticed that Faith was struggling to breathe- you could her how stridorous she was (swollen airway). We have noticed this is the pattern for Faith- the first day she is on cannula (or extubated) she does great- the second day she struggles. When she starts to drop, she drops very fast, and often resuscitation is needed. Rather than waiting for her to fail, she went back on CPAP for extra support. They are going to try to do 4 hours on CPAP, 4 hours off. So this is a tiny setback, but anything is better than that ventilator!
Please pray with us that her airways will heal!
Brian and Jen

PS: Last night was a really fun night- I (Jen) got to give her a FULL bath (without monitor leads and everything). It was so special to wrap her in a towel, dry her off, put lotion on her and tuck her in to bed- it felt like she was our baby!


Anonymous said...

Silly..she IS your baby HA! But I understand what you are saying. Let us know how the on and off CPAP is ok. She just needs a little more time to get used to all this. She has been through alot and probably more than anyone her age or even older. She is a tough little angel. I am glad you had the experience of bathing her..how special is that. I love the smell of babies after a bath..they are so precious ;)

God Bless and Prayers are still flowing! <><

We love you'
Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike
xo xo xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen you got to give her a bath!That is the most amazing thing in the world! I am so happy for you! We will continue to pray, but it good that you did what you thought was best! I love you and we will keep praying!

All our love,

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

Jen and Brian: This is from that sweet lady from my website:
Dear Jen,
I was so happy to hear that you were able to give Faith her first bath. I remember being able to give my preemie baby boy twin boys their first bath. Other people who haven't been in your shoes can't understand that wonderful experience like you and I. Each new little step forward for her is a treasured moment for you and your family. I continue to prayer every day for baby Faith and you and Brian. Give Faith a little hug and kiss and tell her it is from me.
Love and prayers always, Beth