Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy 16 Weeks Faith!

Today Faith is 16 weeks old. Honestly we are beginning to grow a little weary- especially since two weeks ago we were told that Faith might go home soon, then this week we had some set backs that have not put an end in sight. 16 weeks is a long time to drive to the hospital everyday and watch your baby be poked, prodded, and fight for life. Nevertheless she keeps us going!
Faith's breathing continues to be a struggle. It is very evident that she is very air hungry. Everyone is still a little concerned about this. Although her last Bronch showed minor swelling, by the sound of her breathing there seems to be something more. It was brought up today that Faith might need a rigid Bronch. The last Bronch she had was flexible- this is less invasive and provides a "quick look" at the airway. A rigid Bronch goes much deeper into the airway and gives a more detailed look. The troubling thing about a rigid is it requires general anaesthesia (yes, that means a ventilator). While the doctors have brought it up, it doesn't mean she will necessarily need one- they are going to speak with the ear, nose and throat doc that did her last two bronchs to see if there is a need. The other alternative would be to wait and let her grow. The troubling thing with that is that they don't want to miss something. If there is something wrong with her airway, they want to know- because when she does eventually come home if she got into trouble we would not be prepared to help her.
As for the eyes she will have them examined on Wednesday. This a a big day- last week the doc. said the retina could be detaching in one eye- let's pray for a healing! Faith is proof that miracles do happen, and her eyes are going to be a testament to another one!
We cannot thank you enough for keeping our angel in your prayers this week.
Brian and Jen

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